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Failed wisdom tooth extraction question



Junior member
Jan 1, 2017
A few months ago I went to my dentist with toothache which turned out to be coming from my lower right wisdom tooth. It had come partially through and a flap of gum had caused some of it to decay so he said it would need to be taken out. After looking at the X-ray he said he thought it would be straight forward but I had an exam the following day, so he put a temporary filling in the hole and I went back for the extraction on Thursday (29th). After half an hour of trying different forceps etc, the tooth kept crumbling and he couldn't get it to move enough to pull it out. I had been extremely anxious about it, and found the whole experience really difficult, as much as my dentist tried to reassure me. So the outcome was that I've been referred to the hospital and although some of the tooth has been removed, there's a bit on top and I think most of the root that still needs taken out. Since Thursday I've had a lot of pain and have been taking painkillers regularly, but tonight (day 2/3 after attempted extraction) I woke up with excruciating pain that seemed to be pulsing from the teeth beside the wisdom tooth. I've had no bleeding since or swelling so I don't think it's infected. Is this normal or should I be worried? Also, is there any risk from having a bit of tooth left there for what could be months waiting for an appointment from the hospital? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
It's now day 4 after the failed extraction and I am in complete agony. Intense pain comes and goes without warning, and I can hardly sleep. Is this normal?
No, this is not normal. This is a dental emergency. Don't fret about asking for help rather than waiting for an appointment. You cannot be expected to live with this level of pain for weeks, much less months. The tooth is throbbing because it is either infected and/or the pulp is dying a painful, loud death.

Don't put up with this -- call the Emergency number your Dentist gives and tell him/her what your level of pain is (throbbing, waking you from sleep, pain medications effectiveness, etc). If your Dentist can't see and treat you immediately, seek care at your local Emergency room at the Hospital. You need an Oral Surgeon (specialist) or an excellent Dentist to extract the remaining tooth bits and get you on the road to recovery. I know how painful this is and I have loads of sympathy for you (I'm cringing reading your notes!!) -- unless complications arise, you should feel dramatically better as soon as the remnants of this wicked tooth is out of your mouth.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It really throws you for a loop, is always inconvenient and is one of the most intense pains you'll ever feel, I know (so do many others on this forum!). I can only hope that you've already been treated and you're feeling much better...numb and on pain killers, but with one less tooth in your mouth, I hope ;)

Good luck.
Thanks so much for your reply. I got an emergency appointment today, and although they couldn't take the tooth out (have to wait to see a specialist) it turns out it is infected like you suggested! So I've got antibiotics and it's not been quite so intense tonight. I'm going to get on the phone once the dentist is open on Wednesday (UK bank holidays) and see if I can chase up the referral because I can't imagine having to put up with this for weeks or even worse, months. Surely it's not good to have a bit of decayed tooth still there for a prolonged period? Would it do any damage?
Thanks again for your help :)