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Junior member
Feb 17, 2024
I recently had my front bridge fail it dropped completely out I was horrified and terrified I had to pay for a private appointment and it has been temporarily cemented back but the teeth underneath the bridge are in a very bad wayI had the bridge fitted in 1974 so it has done really well But now I do not know what to do I have not got a NHS Dentist and at the private emergency appointment the dentist said I needed thousands of pounds to fix the problem money I do not have.The bridge is in a good condition I am so upset can not sleep I am terrified of dental treatment and dread going to the dentist.I would just like it to be repaired in some way and wonder if that is possible
Without seeing what's going on it's hard to advise, sorry.
Hi kittylee, maybe you could ask for a referral to the community dental service (https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/-/community-dental-team and https://www.somersetft.nhs.uk/dental-services/ ). Unfortunately, according to the website, it looks as if Somerset NHS is jointly responsible for providing services in both Somerset and Dorset, and they only see people with dental phobias in Somerset :(. But it's always worth checking because websites aren't always accurate or up-to-date.

What sort of treatment was the dentist at the private emergency appointment suggesting?
Thank you so much for the replies the dentist at the emergency said root canal and implants etc I was so upset I did not take it all in she was very young and could not do implants any way if I could afford them I wondered if the bridge could be repaired with resin filler or something like that.
It sounds as if the problem might be the "foundations" for the bridge? If the bridge has no teeth to securely hold on to, then it might not be possible to make a longer-lasting repair :(. We've got a page here with tips for finding a phobic-friendly dentist, if that's of any use: