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Fainting at all medical or dental type appointments



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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
I wanted to share a story of a man at his prime who had anxiety with all types of doctor appointments and had a voided dental care as a result. He would pass out at injections, blood draws, etc. Worrying that he would pass out caused him great anxiety. Unfortunately he didn't tell me at his first appointment but I quickly figured it out so I remained calm and discussed the problem with him. I gave him a prescription to prevent the slowing of his heart beat.
At the next appointment he was anxious but didn't pass out. No sedatives were given because he had good reason to be anxious before and now that problem was eliminated. We discussed why he felt the way he did and proceeded with the appointment. He did fine. A week later he came back now realizing he no longer needed to be so anxious about his feared reaction of fainting, since the "problem" was solved he was much calmer and the procedure went very well. He left happy and felt good about himself and now is ready to face medical blood draws and whatever in the same way.
Very nice when things go so well.
Remember the first step in solving a problem is understanding the details of the problem.