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Fear Conquered - Charleston, WV



Junior member
Jan 23, 2008
Belle, WV
With the help of Dr. Lorena Surber and her wonderful staff, I have overcome my extreme fear of dentistry. Dr. Surber is kind, caring, and reassuring. Her staff, Windy, Mindy, Lolly, Jackie, and others (I forget their names) make you feel as if you are part of the office family.

To help with you comfort level, they offer walkmans, blankets, upbeat music and a soothing color scheme. This certainly helps with relaxation, which I have learned is key in painless dentistry.

With their help and reasurance, I had seven teeth, plus a bridge removed this past Tuesday (Dr. Sokolosky-also great), without being put to sleep. I had an immediate upper plate and a lower partial put in. I was able to leave Dr. Sokolosky's office and drive immediately to Dr. Surbers office for her to check the fit.

I went back yesterday and am going again this morning.

I urge you to keep on trying to find a dentist (and staff)who will comfort you, hold your hand, cheer you on and cry with you if need be. This makes all the difference in the world.

I had avoided dentis only when it was the last resort. I wish I had found Dr. Surber and her staff many years ago, and I would have avoided a denture today. But I must say--My smile is GREAT!!!!

Thank you Dr. Surber and staff. (ME):jump:
Dr. Surber *+& Staff:grouphug:
Well done you :jump::jump: - and thanks a million also for that recommendation!!