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Fear of deep cleaning



Dec 28, 2012
Hi, I have some gum disease which has been treated for some years by scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). I had a very good dentist who always gave me enough anaesthetic before he started so that the procedure never hurt. Unfortunately he has retired so I am now looking for a new one to treat my gums painlessly, which I know is possible. I went to a specialist periodontist who would give me a shot, start, and then I would feel pain so he would give me another shot. It never made for a relaxing experience. So I am looking for another dentist who can understand that I have sensitive teeth. I find ultrasonic cleaning extremely painful, which is why I now insist on anaesthetic. In the past I have had dentists and hygenists react badly to my request, which has contributed to my phobia (in fact I put a lot of my phobia down to having felt unheard by dentists in the past). I would be interested in hearing other members' experiences - and any suggestions please.
@feeling Hi. I have had deep cleanings before. They didnt give me anaesthetic before they did the deep cleaning. I'm not sure why. I think dentists should do that though. I have a bit of bone loss but I dont have any holes in my teeth or any loose teeth. I have to have another deep cleaning soon.