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Fear of extractions



Junior member
May 5, 2022
So I posted a while ago explaining for many reasons I hadn't visited a dentist in years and it was more embarrassment and anxiety stopping me.

I found a lovely dentist and attended the first appointment and put a treatment plan in place, most are being extracted and having dentures (I knew this would be the case so I'm happy to have a plan).
The extractions was due to be done in 4 sittings, unfortunately my anxiety got the better of me and I just had moulds taken for immediate dentures and the dentist referred me for sedation (I'm uk based with an nhs dentist)
I got an assesment appointment within about 4 weeks and again my anxiety got the better of me (it have general anxiety so it's not so much dental work I'm afraid of but new buildings/people etc) the dentist was lovely but thought I was far too anxious for sedation so has referred for general anesthetic...this option scares me more then anything 🤦‍♀️ and the waiting list is almost a year to have it done.

I've now also faced the fear of seeing a doctor and take propranolol for my anxiety which has massively helped so I could go back to my original dentist without having a panic attack, but my only fear is the local numbing injections.
I'm not worried about the injection itself or even the teeth being extracted or feeling numb but last time I had the numbing injection (many many years ago) the dentist numbed my whole mouth and within seconds I started to panic and refused to continue with treatment 🤷‍♀️ I had the numbing injection as a teenager and can't remember feeling panic so not sure if last time was a one off or not?

Is there anywhere to not panic and just go ahead and get it done I'm so ready to be happier and healthier now.


Junior member
Oct 7, 2022
Im not a dentist.... but I have the same issue you did. I have GAD generalized anxiety disorder and even worse it shows its ugly head at doctors or dentists. I also have innapropriate sinus tachycardia. It means my body overreacts to normal amounts of adrenaline. Anxiety = dumping adrenaline into my blood. Now add to that local anesthetic usually has epinephrine in it. Thats another word for adrenaline. I also get panicked from the numb feeling so I have finally found a dentist who agreed to ONLY use PDL or intraosseus injections (only if needed as I usually try to do without any local at all) those two injections dont numb cheeks, tongue lips etc. And I also got her to agree to not use epinephrine if she does use an injection. Im not sure if the epinephrine could have caused your panic attack but it can raise heart rate significantly in those of us with anxiety and panic disorders. Maybe a dentist can chime in?

Hopefully it was ok for me to reply to this.... if not I appologize.