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fear of flying



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Mar 29, 2022
Viet nam
I have a lot of metal porcelain teeth, can they set off the airport security metal detector?
Would that cause alarm? I'm really ashamed.
Is there someone like me who has passed by?
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It won’t set off the metal detector. I flew with a porcelain over metal crown, and now have dental implants. My husband has a lot of crowns and has never had an issue flying. You have nothing to worry about!
Can someone give me more answers?
The metal used in dental crowns is not ferrous, therefore does not set off metal detectors.
thank you.
i heard the old metal porcelain teeth are made of chromium cobalt alloy.
Have there been any patient complaints about turning off the detector with metal porcelain teeth?
Nope. Never have been. Some partial dentures are made of cobalt chromium alloy but that also is not magnetic and doesn't set off metal detectors.
No, because it doesn't happen.
I have crowns on most my my molars. I also have a dental implant. And pins and plates in my wrist and ankle.

I travel 12-15 times a year and have never set off an alarm. They use non-ferrous metal that won’t trigger metal detectors.