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Fear of injection numbing for hygienist appointment



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Jan 16, 2019
Hi everyone

I haven't been here for a while now. I have my partial, acrylic denture and it seems it can't be changed to something less intrusive, so I have had no choice but to live with it, and I have.
Problem is, the partial denture (5 teeth, including one front tooth) seems to be affecting my natural remaining teeth. And the area around my natural teeth is now super sensitive (out of the chair leaping when the dentist poked around there). So the dentist has said that for me to see the hygienist, I will need to have anesthetic injections, I think she will be giving two in each corner for the upper teeth to be cleaned.
I don't have a fear of needles but my phobia relates to the fear of the symptoms of numbing (put it this way, I have lip filler without any numbing gel, so a needle straight into my lips to avoid panicking and strangely I cope really well with the pain).
Numbness kind of echoes the panic symptoms, so I really do not like the feeling of my mouth being numb...at all. The numbness not just in the mouth area, but lips, nose, cheeks, etc. It can make me very anxious.
If she injects twice (I think in each corner) for the hygienist to be able to clean my front teeth, what area will get numb? Will it reach lips, nose, etc? And when does it wear off? I think it starts to after an hour or so?

Thank you
Tell the dentist about this and ask if they can inject you so as to minimise the numb feeling. There are some ways around it, depending on which teeth they're working on.

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