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Fear of needle being injected/ inserted into the roof of my mouth behind my front three teeth



Junior member
May 4, 2019
Los Angeles, California
I have been thinking about the past memory pains from having dental implants.
on both sides of the lower jaw. Such a painful memory.
Now next week I will experience the pain again at the front / top teeth.
Oh man I’ve been there!

I got them for my gum graft.

Not fun, per se, but definitely something you can handle.

I was laughing about a moment later, and I’m sure you’ll be doing the same.

Keep posting here. You’re on your way.

Sorry the past injections were quite painful it sounds.. I can offer one testimony.. many years ago at my old dentist I had gotten some painful palatal injections and was so scared after that.. over a year ago at my dentist he said the word palatal and I nearly jumped out of my seat because of my stored memory of this.. but ..he had been good with other injections. At this time.. I did get several injections front and back of tooth and roof it was not exactly the 2 front but just next to that.. I don't think I felt it nearly at all I was SO surprised at how much of a different experience. My dentist did very much take his time so I know that always helped. I do think different dentists have different techniques. I hear @comfortdentist usually has some good injection skills from some of his posts maybe he could also comment on this.
Injections of local anesthesia is like cooking some people are better than others
I had a dentist about 20 years ago, who was a recent graduate and had new skills for an injection into the palate. What she did was press her thumb very firmly on my palate, right up against the side of the needle. It spread the sensation over a much larger area, and I barely felt the needle at all. This technique REALLY works and I have asked other dentists to use it too, after learning how much of a difference it made. Perhaps you can ask your dentist to administer the injection this way too.
I had an apicoectomy on the front tooth, and the endodontist used a technique I had never heard of before. She injected in the front first, then once that was numb, she did an injection through the front, towards the back. It numbed right behind the teeth enough so that when she did the palatal injection, I didn't even feel it!

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