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Fear of Needles, and I have to get my Wisdom teeth out! PLEASE HELP!



Junior member
Nov 13, 2016
I am a 17-year-old female who has a major fear of needles. Just thinking about getting a shot makes me sick to my stomach, I feel light headed, and I cry like a little girl. So, when my dentist told me I had to get 3 or 4 of my wisdom teeth out (I cannot remember) I cried like a little girl in the waiting room. Luckily my sister has to get hers out as well so I am not alone, but I was told by my dentist that they might not do us on the same day. The poor receptionist tried to calm me down by saying that I won't feel anything at all because of the, IV. That freaked me out even more. :scared:
I talked to my mom about what we could do to help me not feel the IV because we have not made the consultation app. yet. We talked about giving me some of the gas to make me loopy or get that numbing cream. I just do not want to even know the IV is being put in, that will definitely make me sick and light headed. Which would work best? Have any of you guys tried one or both?
I really hope this does not make me sound like a little baby. I have just always hated needles and shots. Also, can you guys give me some words of encouragement? :cry: Just thinking about getting my wisdom teeth out makes me cry...

My little brother (7) had to get 2 IVs in the past month. My mom and him said that with the numbing cream he did not feel a thing, they had to tell him it was done. So, I hope this will work for me.


Well-known member
Nov 8, 2016
Hey girlie you are not alone!! And your not being a baby at all for crying or feeling this way.... The people there seemed really nice and understanding about it so I dont think they thought differently of you.
I know exactly how you feel about needles. I have to get mine out soon and the idea of knowing and even seeing the needle go in makes me wanna just cry. Maybe your doctor can have you an anti anxiety pill so your more relaxed the day before? Im going to ask for one myself because the very thought of being aware has me anxious and scared. :(
You can do this though Im sure its going to go really quick! :) Youll relax for a moment and then itll be all done in no time! Plus youll feel so much better when its over.
Hang in there. :hug4::hug4::hug4: