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Fearful of Wisdom Teeth Removal



Junior member
Jun 23, 2023
Hi and thank you for accepting me to this forum. I've been looking for a place to talk and this popped up during my doom searching.

I am a 32 year old female, pretty healthy albite a seizure disorder. I am posting this because I am scared. Back in 2020, I went to a dentist that I had never been to before. He was in a good area in my town and my crappy insurance at the time took him. The office was clean, the staff was nice (unlike the office before this one where the dentist chewed gum over my open mouth during a cavity filling) I went because my gum was growing over my wisdom teeth and I needed something to be done. So we go through the basics, x-rays, poking at the already throbbing gum. He tells me to bit down, I do and then he asks is that my normal bite.

Now I'm a bit confused and a teeth clencher, more so when I am nervous, which I was anxiety. He goes about his thing, numbs me up, cuts back the gums and I thought we were done, but oh how wrong I was.

He goes out into the hallway, himself and his nurses all talking and them comes back in, takes off his glasses and sighs. He tells me I need my wisdom teeth out- which I know, something I was avoiding because of my fear of dying during the procedure. I tell him as much and he shakes his head and tells me that it's a 1% chance, but I'd have to go under IV. I told him no, that I did my research and I can go under numbing and laughing gas.

He was getting frustrated, tells me no because my wisdom teeth are against my nerves and I will lose all feeling in my jaw if I refuse it. He also wanted to pull most of my back molars out- they're fine all capped and have my jaw broken and rewired because I have a cross bite. He gave me all this information of people he wants me to see, not my normal oral surgeon and tells me if I don't do this I will suffer.

Needless to say, I didn't go back for that follow up, or that cleaning at that office.

Recently, my insurance changed and I'm able to go back to my childhood dentist. I am so happy about that since I trust him the most. He helped me a lot with my fears as a child and had the perfect way to put the needle in your mouth without feeling a thing. I'm just scared that he'll end up telling me the same thing, that I'll have to go under for my wisdom teeth removal. Can I fight that, do I have to go under? It's one of my worst fears from past medical trauma. Or can the procedure be done with numbing agents and laughing gas?
Hi @kirri123, great to hear that you can go back to your childhood dentist :).

Judging by your description, I would take anything the last dentist said with a grain of salt. Why not have a consultation with your childhood dentist and see what they say? For all we know, the wisdom teeth may not even need removing in the first place.

Please let us know how you get on!