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Feeling Depressed.



Junior member
Mar 9, 2022
Hello. I'm 27 years old, just turned a week ago... So, I've had full extractions of 16 teeth, before hand years ago it was the other set of teeth. I just had neglected my teeth because I was careless. And I have a syndrome that doesn't help with bad enamel. So that is why I ended up having to take out all of my teeth at this age.... I'm starting to feel very depressed and don't know how to cope with it. It's hard to eat somethings but I know I just got these full dentures. I feel like I'm probably the only dumb person in this world that is in this situation now and I won't ever get a relationship of any sort because of it. You can't hide those facts. I just needed somewhere to vent this thought in my head...
Hey TM!

Believe me you are not the only one in this situation, and you aren’t dumb! I’m in my late 20s and I just learned I need partial dentures, with extractions. You know why? Simple neglect. I don’t have any other reason for it. And that made me feel awful (still does but I’m working through it.) I haven‘t had anything done yet, but I know the feeling of being in your 20s and having your life upended. Especially considering dentures get such a bad rep for being awful and ”the last thing you should do.”

From what I’ve researched and been told, it’s totally normally to feel depressed at times. Losing teeth is losing a part of you. It’s okay to grieve that loss you know? But don’t worry. You will get used to the dentures. You will be able to have a normal life because of it. And you’ll even be able to have relationships too! Yes, you’ll probably have to share the fact you have dentures with any potential relationships in the future, but if that’s a dealbreaker for them, they weren’t worth it anyway. You’d be surprised how much many people are actually okay with it. And how many people truly do not notice. They’re too busy looking at how beautiful your smile is! And that’s what you need to think about. The ability to smile openly without worry or fear. You’ll get there, you will, as annoying as this is, it just takes a lot of time and consistent determination. You got this!
Hi TM226 :welcome:,

please feel free to vent here as much as you like. It’s the very least thing that we can do here. I’m so sorry to read how you feel. Getting dentures is a huge change and as young people with dentures do not tend to talk about the fact that they have dentures, it may feel like you’re the alone with this. I have difficulties imagining that you had neglected your teeth because you were careless. It sounds rather like you haven’t known better and had some condition that wasn’t helping your dental health. It sounds like you’re not able to eat properly. Are you in touch with your dentist and have you had them adjusted? Most people need few adjustments until things fit..

All the best wishes
@APhobicQueen I just feel like it's still hard to eat normal things. And it's affecting my speech a bit now. I had to take this week off my job. I am just starting to think these aren't worth it. I just wish I could have surgical teeth maybe those would be better. But even so I keep having these stupid thoughts in my head because I feel worthless now and can't even eat proper foods.
I understand. It’s a very common feeling, especially in the beginning, to feel like it isn’t worth it and feel regretful. Of course, I’m no expert, since I haven’t yet experienced it myself.

That being said, in your original post, you said you just got them, so I’m assuming it hasn’t been that long yet? How long has it been if you don’t mind me asking?

I mean implants are technically “easier” since they stay in your mouth all the time which makes them more like regular teeth. But even then, I’m sure there’s a learning curve. I don’t really know that anything short of keeping your natural teeth is easy. It’s all very hard and you should be proud of yourself that you’re still getting on with it.

You certainly aren’t worthless! I’m sure you’d never say that to someone with a prosthetic limb right? One who is still learning how to use it. Having dentures is like that—it’s just our teeth instead! I have full faith that you’ll get there and be eating normal things and talking normally again, it’s just a matter of not giving up and keeping going.

Also, like Enarete suggested, if the dentures are really bugging you, you should contact your dentist as well to let them see if there’s any adjustments they can make to help you out.