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Feeling so anxious and upset :-( Temporary Crown issue?



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Apr 9, 2016
A week ago I had to have a broken crown removed off my back tooth, the procedure was very traumatic for me with the noise of the drill and all the tugging and knocking to get it off, I was in the chair for an hour and 15 and I had a temporary crown fitted. The tooth underneath is root filled, the temporary crown feels big and weird in my mouth but worse than that I feel like my gland under my jaw is tender :( I dont have any visible face swelling nor is my gum swollen or anything. I have had this tenderness since 48 hours after the procedure (6 days now) and it doesn't particularly get any worse. My face "feels" like it should be swollen if that makes sense? but it definately isn't, I just have tender sort of gland/neck. I am terrified to go back, but also terrified what if I have an infection now caused by the trauma of getting the crown off? my gum did bleed after the procedure as the dentist asked me if I was on aspirin which I am not? What should I do :( Has anyone had a sore gland still a week after this procedure? All help gratefully received. How would I know if I had an infection on a deadened tooth? Thank you everyone
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How would I know if I had an infection on a deadened tooth? Thank you everyone
You'd have a lot of pain directly coming from the tooth. Did you get local anaesthetic when they were taking the crown off? Is the swelling anywhere near the injection site?
Hello Gordon thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it, No I wasnt given any anaesthetic for the procedure at all so I was very tensed up even though the tooth is dead. It was very uncomfortable and difficult to remove. The tenderness is directly under my ear and a bit in my ear there is no pain under the temp crown and no gum swelling, I am so scared if it could somehow get infected from the trauma of removal. Thank you Gordon
I don't think it's infected, it just doesn't work the way you think it does :)
Unfortunately I don't have any guesses as to what is actually going on!
I do feel reassured Gordon, thank you its just my absolute fear of dental infection, I try to be rational and think to myself that nothing is swollen but my mind always has other ideas! The temporary has actually fallen off now :( I rang the emergency dental number and they told me to stick in back myself with some dentist cement from Boots! oh my goodness I hope I get this right :(