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Feeling stupid



Jun 12, 2023
I last posted about a year ago. At the time I was making some progress. Made it through multiple cleaning appointments and the. We were going to move on to the rest of it. Well then I had a breakdown last summer and my mental health was trashed for months. During that time I really neglected my teeth, maybe worse than I ever have. I’ve been telling myself I need to go back to the dentist but I’m so ashamed for them to see the backsliding.

And now I have pain that comes sometimes when I chew and also weirdly when I drink from a straw. I’m terrified now that there’s something really wrong and also so mad at myself that I AGAIN let it get to where there is an issue before going.

I’m not even sure I can bring myself to let the dentist look at me and I feel so bad.
Hey Latwigg,

so sorry to read about how hard you are on yourself. Progress is never linear and it's not unusual at all to make some steps back. Mental health is such a huge factor when it comes to self care and dealing with pretty much anything, really. It makes so much sense that you fell off track and that it feels like starting over and this is no way a sign of failure. People get off track with many things - studying, eating healthy, doing sports, keeping up with housework. Nothing ever goes smoothly forever. So how could progress in such a difficult thing as dentistry and mental health be smooth.

The good news is this: you've been starting over in the past and made progress and you will be able to get there again. It's not abot where you are, it's about what you are capable of and as you managed to start a dental journey once, you'll be able to start it again. Also, I am sure the damange is not as huge as you are worried it is and your dentist will surely be more happy to see you back than jundmental about your being gone.

All the best wishes and keep us posted :)
@Enarete thank you.

Focusing on the positive: it has been 9 months since my last cleaning not 4-5 years so progress from past experiences I guess.
9 months is sounds good, you'll surely be able to bounce back quickly and I don't think much damage could be done within 9 months.