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Feels so good

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Oct 31, 2018
I have had dental anxiety pretty much all of my life due to my childhood and early dental experiences. My parents took us to the dentist but never taught us to brush our teeth. They didn’t believe in flouride. My siblings and I all have had a lot cavities and crowns and root canals. There were two times in my life that I stopped going to the dentist. I’ve always gone back and gotten the work done. Any lapse in going to the dentist always makes it so much harder for me to go back. The anxiety is always greater. Covid lockdowns meant I missed an appointment. Then I went back and everything was fine. Then right after that I found out I had cancer. I had to miss a cleaning due to getting chemo. So this check up was two months late. While I did feel some anxiety leading up to the appointment, it was so, so much less. I even found out I have a couple small cavities. Before that would have made me so upset. But I’m not upset. I understand cavities sometimes just happen. Mine seem to be from grinding my teeth. Apparently I’m chipping and wearing away the existing fillings and some bacteria is getting in and causing decay. So I’ve been instructed to wear a night guard every night. Obviously dealing with Covid and then cancer this year I’ve been under a lot of stress. Stress can really affect your teeth! The dentist noted that some of my other back teeth with big fillings in them will probably need work on them in the future. Again, this hasn’t sent me spiraling.
So I don’t know if cancer has taught me something. Or maybe it’s having cancer finally puts my dental anxiety in perspective. But regardless, healing is possible. Recovery is possible.
To all of those who are struggling, hang in there. It can get better!