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Female Oral Surgeons?



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Mar 30, 2009
omaha, nebraska
I have been searching for a female oral surgeon in my area. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I have absolutely none. I have had really traumtic experiences with male dentists and would feel safer with a female oral surgeon. Yet there appears to be none where I live. Is this juat because of where I live? Has anyone else found this to be true? I am wondering if oral surgery is not a speciality chosen by female dental professionals?
can you get to indiana?

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Thanks for this Annie. I appreciate your response. Unfortunately, this is not a feasible option for me both in terms of time and distance our insurance will not pay for out of state treatment when the same treatment is available here. But oh, what I wouldnt give for a female oral surgeon here.
I think you will find it tough as 98% are men. Why don't you contact the professional association direct?
Thanks Annie. That pretyy much confirms what I thought.
Thanks Annie. That pretyy much confirms what I thought.
Drummerswife, you really shouldn't choose a surgeon on their sex...all female dental practitioners are not 'nice' like DrKatie..it has less to do with her sex and much more to do with the fact that she is a decent nice person.

I would go with whoever she recommends as the surgeon she would choose for herself and ask her to brief them as to your need for extra TLC but since you will be i/v sedated anyway, I doubt you will be aware of anything at all and it will be easier for you than a valium appt.

I say this not to be dismissive of your preference for a female but because there is no point in adding extra stress by wanting something which doesn't seem to be easily available to you anyway, choosing just any old female surgeon could lead to a very disappointing experience as compared to going to a male surgeon your trusted female dentist recommends. :grouphug:
Thank you brit for your feedback. I appreciate the spirit of concern in which it was offered.:)
My prefence for a female comes from the trauma I have suffered at the hands of male dentists. However, as you say, to chose a dentist based soley on gender would certainly not be wise. As soon as the reconstruction work is completed in the next few weeks, Dr. Katie, my husband and I will be discussing choices for oral surgeons.
Drummerswife, perhaps you could even arrange to meet briefly with whoever Dr. Katie recommends (be they male or female) prior to your surgery so that they (and you to them) are not strangers.

ITA, with Brit, someone recommended by a trusted dentist most likley 99% plus of the time is worthy of that rec and of your giving a chance too. I would not recommend, doing what I did as a young, scared, and not too swift, 19 year old college student and end up agreeing after only one visit to some dentist I had picked out of the yellow pages (no rec from anyone let alone a dentist I felt comfortable with). I've had 7 dentists in my life (one orthodontist, 2 oral surgeons). 6 of whom were male. 5 of the 6 very competent and nice, Orthodontist, and my current dentist, the very one I have said all the good things about, fantastic.

Trust Dr. Katie but most of all yourself and you'll be fine. :)

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My oral surgeon was male and extremely friendly and nice. He had an exceptionally good injection technique too. I think men can be sometimes more gentle than women.