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Filling....amazingly well



Junior member
Dec 10, 2013
Rochester, NY
Had my first filling done in over 5 yrs or so on friday, and it went smashingly well. I opted to go for Nitrous and novacaine and the dentist was fantastic.
Nitrous is amazing stuff. I felt totally relaxed after only a few minutes of the gas, the doc then pre-numbed my gums with some topical and then gave me the novacaine. that went extremely well, barely felt the needle, and didn't see it because my eyes were heavy thanks to the Nitrous. the doc then waited a full 5 (maybe longer) minutes before she started drilling. I was so comfortable that I thought the whole procedure had been only 15 minutes.
I absolutely LOVE this dentist. she's fabulous. explains everything and is able to put you at ease.
OH and i forgot the best part about Friday's appointment....i got to work friday morning feeling a little nervous about my upcoming appointment and was having a hard time focusing at work. i heard my phone buzz in my desk, i checked it and noticed a new number sending me a text message. I ran into the breakroom and opened the message. it was from my dental hygientist Laura...she said she knew i was nervous, but that i was in good hands, that Dr Kris was amazing and she knew i'd do great....then she said that she had been out and about and found a little something for me and had dropped it off at the office for me.
She bought me two really nice (really soft) skeins of yarn. I knit and crochet and the fact that she thought of me like that warmed my heart. not only that but the fact that she took the time to reach out to me to reassure me that i would be ok floored me. I've never had a dental practice like this one.
for those in Rochester NY i highly recommend Pittsford Family Dental. Dr Kristine Cocola is amazing and the two hygientists that have worked on me are wonderful too...laura and tracey. i feel so much more comfortable.
I've set up my next round of treatment (more fillings) for March 12th. not sure i'll take nitrous, but gotta weigh the options...depends on how much it'll be out of pocket for just the fillings. the nitrous is $75 per session...which i honestly don't think is bad, but I need to figure out what i can afford.
so glad my husband recommended this practice...they're fabulous


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
I am happy for you that things are going well with your dentist and the treatment you need. You do indeed have a very good dental practice they go well beyond the extra mile for you.

Thank you for taking the time to write this I am sure it will encourage many others to seek help. :butterfly: