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Filling replacement tomorrow...



Feb 4, 2013
Hi guys, last Monday, out of the blue i just phoned the dentist... And when there was no answer, i left them a message on the answerphone... The spontaneous action probably told me more about my concerns than i knew...
Basically i knew i needed a filling replaced at Christmas, decided to wait.. last few weeks it's felt different so needed to call.
Luckily they called me back and had an appointment that morning for a look, fast forward a week and tomorrow is the day... Not been able to think about anything else all weekend...
I think my biggest concern is the injections as last time (only time) i had them i found them really painful... So much so i had less then they wanted to give, making a very uncomfortable experience...

Any tricks to help? Bonjella before I go in? Ibuprofen? 4x2 wood?

Hi did your dentist offer you numbing gel last time? A lot of dentists offer it automatically, but if they don’t, ask for it. Also, let your dentist know that you found the injections painful last time round, and ask if they can do anything to make sure it doesn’t hurt. There are lots of tricks they can use for comfortable injections. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow!
Hi, it was great, she was great...
Just the 1 injection which was completely painless...
Just curious, why was 1 jab enough when last time a different dentist used 4, which eas very painfull?
Also, this filling is white, why could she have used this rather than the normal silver ones(i trust them ones to stay put 🤣)
Also, this one tastes of burnt plastic when i rub it, will this stop? And feel smoother?