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Filling sensitive after almost a month and swollen...



Junior member
Dec 29, 2010
OK. Long story here...sorry! I went to a dentist (new one to me), and he was replacing an old silver filling with the white comp. filling. The novocaine injection felt off when he did it but, I just continued with the procedure. My face was swollen when I arrived home an hour later so I took a nap and when I woke up it was still swollen. I called the office the next morning to talk to the dr...he was not in...so I told the nurse what was going on. 3 hours later while waiting for a phone call back I googled my symptoms and it seemed like he had hit an artery doing the novocaine injection. When I FINALLY got a call back from the nurse I told her what I thought it was and she said "yeah but you'd have a bruise...." So, I went to check in the mirror and sure enough, there was a bruise on my face! So, I went BACK to see this dentist and he tried to tell me that I must have done it to myself...must've bit my cheek while I was numb...NO...You don't get a BRUISE from biting the inside of your cheek and you don't get swollen from your eye to your neck. I had a bruise for 2 weeks and it's finally gone BUT...I am still slightly swollen and my cheek is still extrememly sore and my tooth is even more sore than before I went in there! This is what kept me away from dentists for years. Do you think I should go to a dentist and have it looked at or wait it out? I am now unable to eat b/c of the hot/cold sensation and the pressure of eating hurts as well...I already have a bad tooth on the other side so I'm now COMPLETELY unable to comfortably eat. Any advice would be great.
The dentist probably hit a vein, it's very difficult to penetrate an artery, bit stupid of him not to just tell you this, it's not exactly negligent to do so.

As for your tooth, then, yes you need to have it looked at fairly soon. It may well turn out to be a simple fix.
That's exactly what made me mad about it! He kept trying to blame the problem on ME, I bit my cheek, I did this, I did that...No, I didn't...YOU did something and wont admit it. If he had said "oh, I must've hit a vein" or "oh maybe I left a piece of infected tooth in there and blah blah blah..." but, he just made it a horrible experience all around.