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Fillings appointment tomorrow



Feb 15, 2011
At 8:30am I have an appointment to get 3 fillings. On my last cleaning he said 2 of my fillings fell out. Has anyone ever gotten a filling replaced? Does he have to redrill if a filling falls out? Im so dreading this!
I have had a few fillings replaced in the past due to them being broken. There was some drilling involved but not as much as the first time they were put in. Overall, the entire process was much like an original filling. They only need to drill if there is decay to remove. In most cases, I think fillings slowly break away before they fall out so it is very likely debris got trapped up under the filling before it fell out and caused some tooth decay. You will be fine! Good luck! :clover:
I just had a filling replaced the other day. Because I needed another smaller cavity filled I was at the dentist for about 20 minutes, but it was a pretty simple process. There was some drilling, and I hate the residue smell of the drill, but it was nothing extensive. Now looking back, I know if I need that again, it's nothing I can't handle. The rinse the assistant gave afterwards helped ease some of the weird feeling of the procedure.

Aside from when the Novocaine first wore off, I had virtually no pain too.