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Fillings Done and Retained Roots Removed. Top teeth finished!!



Junior member
Dec 14, 2011
After not going to the dentist for over 13 years due to a bad expereince and having some mean dentists in that time who told me not to be a "baby" who "wastes their time" when I got upset.

However, I got referred to a anxiety clinic in my local area and managed to get an appointment with inhalation sedation. I went in that day and was less nervous than I thought. The staff were all so nice and put me at ease. I got a consulation when they asked me "what do you not like about the dentist, what are your fears" and listened to everything. They then gave me xrays etc and an appointment for a few weeks later. I totally expected myself to chicken out and cancel but I didnt

I was told that my treatment would be spread over 3 sessions. They put the nose thingy on and I felt very sleepy and began giggling like an idiot. They also used a numbing gel to stop it hurting with the injection. Usually when someone comes near me with a needle, this time I didnt. And I didnt feel the needle that much. And once I got numb they started to drill my fillings out. It started to hurt a little and they stopped right away and topped up the anaesthitic and finished.

I then had to go back a few weeks later to have some top retained roots taken out. Again they managed to numb me and apparently I screamed even though it didnt really hurt... The poor kids in the waiting room. Lol. Then they started to take the roots out and they used a type of lever thing. I just felt some rumaging and about 25 seconds later it was finished. They had to use a clotting agent due to me having a clotting issue. (Which is VERY rare, but I already knew about)

The worst bit was some pressure behind my nose and that was it.

You did very well, how much better do you feel. HAPPY HEALING, all the best.