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fillings frequently coming out



Junior member
Nov 28, 2018
I'm almost 62. After many years of neglect, due to my fear phobia, I finally had significant work in June 2021. I had two teeth removed and (I think about 9 fillings).
Since then, I have been very careful what I eat, avoiding sugar, fizzy drinks, etc and brushing well regularly and flossing etc. I see the hygienist twice per year. I have check ups twice a year.

The disappointing news is that I have now had fillings "pop out" so many times. I think this is the seventh time. It's nearly always after eating or brushing my teeth or flossing, though they have just "disappeared" a couple of times without me noticing. Next week, I have to have another filling replaced. Not surprisingly, I am getting rather discouraged. When I asked my dentist (in June 2021) if the fillings would need replacing, he said, "They shouldn't". I am reluctant to change my dentist, having spent so much time finding a good one.

I don't want my story to put other people off, but I am now worried that I will just have to keep going back every couple of months to have my fillings replaced, one by one.

Any advice or guidance would be welcomed.

Thank you.
Difficult to comment without seeing what's going on. I agree that "they shouldn't" is the correct answer. I've got 40+ year old fillings that are still doing fine.