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Final implants (preferbly need a dentists opinion)



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Feb 2, 2018
Need advice on what can be done to change them,I don't see any difference from the last time they were tried in.


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You can't change them short of remaking them.
Can I suggest that you write down exactly what you don't like about them (after asking friends and family if you trust them too) and go back with that information.
Be as unemotional as possible. Something like:
1) The shade is too light/dark
2) I would rather show a bit less/more tooth on smiling
3) I would like wider/narrower teeth

Get the idea? It doesn't need to be a big essay, just bullet points.

It's much easier as the dentist to change things if you know what you need to change, if you see what I mean?
@Gordon Its exactly what I did last appointment so we'll see this week if they look any different (but not holding out much hope) I've said several times they need to be smaller/flatter etc but yet they don't look any better.