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Finally booked my trip to the dentist



Junior member
Oct 8, 2013
After a week of pain I have finally had enough and booked my visit to the dentist for today at 3pm. The receptionist was lovely, she told me that the Dentist I have is very patient and understanding. I am still extremely nervous (due to my needle phobia) and embarrassed since I have not been to a dentist for over 10 years even though I have had broken fillings. I try to avoid anything involving needles :cry:

I haven't slept for 3 nights and its finally taken its toll, I hope everything works out. Fingers crossed lol.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain atm :( You are definitely doing the right thing and should be out of pain very soon.

I totally understand that you are terrified right now but your appointment will not be anywhere near as bad as you are no doubt imagining and certainly nowhere near as bad as what you are putting up with atm. The dentist is there to help you not to judge you.

It is totally your choice who you allow to work on your teeth, if the first dentist you see doesn't make you feel totally comfortable, leave and find one who does (I know you'll find it hard to believe atm but there lots of lovely understanding dentist out there!).

Btw I too had a huge needle phobia when I started my treatment in Feb (crying, hyperventilating, the works!) but my dentist has actually got me over the phobia by making sure all the injections he has given me were painless, they really don't bother me anymore! I NEVER thought I'd get over my needle phobia and I definitely didn't think it would be thanks to a dentist!!

Good luck for your appointment :clover::clover::clover: I'm sure you wont need it. Please let us know how you get on.

:XXLhug: :XXLhug: :XXLhug: :XXLhug: :XXLhug:
Thank you :)

I had to have a tooth out but the dentist was wonderful, she was very kind and patient with me. Even going to the lengths to hide the needle from sight for me. I am a little sore and bruised now but I have another appointment next week and I am definitely glad I went now. Thank you for your support Spanna :XXLhug:
No problem, great place for support this! I've received plenty here and the least I can do is give some back now I'm in a position to do so.
I'm glad to hear it went well today :jump::claps:. Sounds like you have a great dentist and that is the biggest factor for us phobics! Hopefully you wont feel quite as nervous next week as you will have already started building trust. What are you having done next week if you don't mind me asking?

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