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Finally did it after 8 years!



Junior member
Mar 24, 2022
South Dakota
I have severe anxiety in my day to day life but especially when it comes to the dentist. So much so that I avoided going for 8 years. I have been lurking on this site for over a year trying to get up the courage to make an appointment. I googled endlessly, and read reviews for what seems like every dentist in my town. After narrowing my search down to two, a coworker happened to mention they just went to the dentist and had a great experience. I suddenly felt some courage and called to make an appointment. The day came and I wanted to back out but I put one foot in front of the other and went. They immediately put me at ease and understood my fears. They did an exam and a gingivitis clean and I found out I have 3 cavities that need filled. THAT IS IT! I was convinced I would need root canals and they would have to do multiple extractions. I could of cried right there in the chair feeling such relief. I could not stop looking at my teeth in the mirror and I had to keep telling myself I actually did it.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I just had all my cavities filled and I am scheduled to go back for my 6 month cleaning in August. I can tell you the fear is worse than anything. Make that first call, the relief you will feel and the accomplishment is overwhelming. For anyone with anxiety like me, do not let it control your life. YOU CAN DO IT!
Congrats!! Nothing quite beats that feeling of relief when you do it! I was actually shaking with relief in my car after my first visit back. Be so proud of yourself, that’s amazing!! Glad you had such a great experience. This site has helped me so, so much.
Well done so proud . Thanks for sharing
well done. I think there are people who perhaps get a bit nervous. Then there are those of us with real anxiety. Its really terrifying. I hear you.I just want to say you did Great, you are very brave. I wish you could feel safe enough to say these things to your dentist. Putting one foot in front of the other. Isn't there dentists for terrified patients? That know how to deal with anxious patients. That would be helpful.