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Finally did it!!! Hopefully phobia is gone!



Jul 18, 2021
Had not been to the dentist in 30 years due to extreme fear, especially of the injections. Of course my teeth were horrible. Could not eat properly and had stopped smiling completely. I only had 14 teeth left and I was so ashamed of myself. Just not happy at all. Did a little research for a couple of years looking for a sedation dentist to extract my remaining teeth fir dentures. Found one who said he only did nitrous. When talking to him he seemed like he genuinely cared so I made an appt to begin treatment. He was wonderful and explained everything. Went slowly making sure I was good at every step. I loved him and everyone in his office.
Fast forward to yesterday…..had 14 teeth extracted after taking 10mg Valium only!!! No nitrous even! Had NUMEROUS injections which I handled well. I am so proud of myself snd so I grateful for this wonderful dentist who did the work!! I only wish I had found him years ago and perhaps I would still have my teeth.
how are you feeling today? my husband is having his uppers extracted today and is so very anxious. Glad things went well for you yesterday.
I am absolutely fine today. No pain st all but I have been diligent taking my pain meds as directed snd rinsing my mouth. Can’t eat or drink anything as my denture isn’t even close to fitting properly. Tell your husband to take the pain meds as told to. Yes took my first one before the novacaine wore off and then religiously every 6 hours. Even set an alarm during the night. But I have had no pain at all. What sedation is your husband having? Please let me know how he does. Good luck to him.
well done you x be proud of yourself I’m the same only have 13 left have just been had my partial plate in today feels
Very weird but least I have teeth at the front again and I only wish I’d found my dentist sooner she was lovely lady xx