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Finally did it - wisdom teeth out!



Junior member
Nov 11, 2013
First of all, I found this amazing site through research about wisdom teeth and I am so pleased to see how everyone is so supportive of eachother! :XXLhug:
Anyways, about 5 years ago when I was a junior in high school my dentist told me I would need my wisdom teeth taken out. I kind of ignored it assuming that they just wouldn't come in or they would just grow in straight. I'm 22 now, and as of last week I still had them in! I had gotten braces twice and retainers twice and I have perfectly straight teeth. A week ago though, I noticed my bottom teeth started shifting! :( I looked at my bottom wisdom teeth and they were just starting to come through. I have anxiety to begin with but you could imagine how much it skyrocketed when I saw that they were causing my teeth to shift. I am a hairdresser and at work my teeth would cause so much pain and pressure on eachother to the point where I knew I would have to make an appointment soon.
I went for the consultatoion on Thursday and they told me that I would need them out ASAP they would just cause more pressure and pain on all my teeth, upper and lower. I was able to get an appointment the very next day they told me I would have to be put out for it.
Needless to say I hardly got sleep the night before my mind racing with "what ifs".
Well, I went in and they gave me laughing gas at first and then they gave me IV sedation and before I knew it... it was OVER!!!
I couldn't believe how simple and painless it really was. Had I convinced myself of that earlier I would have never have waited this long. Now I am paying for it, my recovery time is longer and a little more painful had I gotten them out earlier. But now I know that its so much better for you to get them out!!!
I'm so glad I have overcome my fear of getting my wisdom teeth taken out, and I hope for those who are also afraid overcome it too. It's really nothing to be afraid of. Of course it is normal to be nervous/anxious but I think it is way more pleasurable then going for a regular cleaning!!!! In fact after my surgery ( I dont remember this) hahah but I said I want to do that again! :giggle:
Now I am so relieved that I got it over with, just remember the sooner the BETTER!!!!!!!!