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Finally faced my fears and went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years.



Junior member
Apr 1, 2017
Finally faced my fears and went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years.

Afternoon all,

I've been a member of this forum for a little while now and have received soo much positive advice and support to help me overcome and manage my phobia so firstly THANK YOU ALL !!!! <3

I had not visited the dentist in about 7 years when i was about 12, mostly because the visits then were horrific i felt degraded,scared and forced into treatments. The dentist would go through my X-rays and basically telling me off for every single thing wrong with my teeth, even saying how its "such a shame for my age". The only compliment he did give me was that my teeth were very straight naturally.
My dentist before then said i had "dalmatian teeth" and did not realise the black was indeed decay had he acted sooner when i was a child maybe i wouldn't have these issues. BUT never mind.

Today i went to a locally recommended NHS dentist who i read lots of reviews on and the dentist himself contacted me regularly when i had queries and worries. I turned up feeling oddly calm, then the minute i was put into the dentist chair i started crying uncontrollably, (that always seems to trigger my fear.)
And guess what he didn't stand their awkwardly or tell me to stop being a wimp instead he told me how well i was doing, he told me how even me sitting here in the chair crying is an achievement and how brave i was. He asked if he could look in my mouth i was hesitant so instead we did it by quarters , lower left closed mouth, upper left closed mouth etc.

He took an X-ray, and throughout kept telling me its ok, your nearly done, your doing so well. And concluded i only needed 1 filling .1 FILLING!!!!???
The past 7 years i have been torturing myself that id need dentures and all my teeth removed ! I asked him if he was sure and he laughed and said why you keen to come back for even more :giggle:

I suppose the moral of my story is things often seem so much worse inside your head than they actually are in reality when you face up to them.

I have an appointment in a few weeks but once you've overcome that first appointment i can tell you now a great weight is lifted from you, i feel amazing that i have finally gone and done it and i feel pretty able to go back that little bit more confident.

THANK YOU ALL again and i hope this brings some positivity to those currently waiting/considering their first appointment :XXLhug: xxxxx