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Finally Found that Gental Dentist!



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Mar 31, 2010
Over a year ago I wrote on here with high concerns about the dentist. I had multiple bad experiences with a certain dentist when I was younger, before my teen years, and up until last year I had not seen a dentist. With this dentist I saw last year, I completed a cleaning, and went and had two appointments to place fillings into first my top left side and then another for my bottem right side. I never went back to the dentist again until this month, and let me tell you, I WILL GO BACK to this dentist.

In one of the fillings I had filled on my right side, the previous dentist told me that this tooth could either need a root canal or just a filling. Instead she tried a filling. When she told me she was not going to do the root canal I was just thinking "Just do it since you have me numb now!" Due to her not doing that, it caused more problems for me down the road. It resulted in pain from chewing gum or anything very hard or crunchy for that matter for long periods of time. I simply just thought it was because of the filling. I had heard people say they cannot have popcorn due to their fillings, and I thought it was just one of those things.

Well, two days ago I was eating and the SIDE of that tooth chipped off. I had a hole right in there! That morning I asked around my office who they went to, and called my boyfriend to see who he went to. I was simply worrying mainly due to the fact I have only been living in this town that is completely on the other side of Ohio from my home town. I knew no dentist or heard of no dentist in this area. When my boss told me who he went to, and said specifically, "When they mean gentle dental, they ARE gentle dental." That sold me. I called by lunch time and had an appointment scheduled the next day (yesterday) for 2 pm.

I was mainly expecting him to just look around and tell me what he thought. After looking around he sat down for a few moments and talked about options. He suggested a cleaning first off to help some of the infection (gingivitus, sp?) and then also some x-rays, and he had requested a limited amount due to my anxiety that I told him about. He also said that there are options and he would work with me to figure out what option would be best for me and my comfortability.

After I told him I did want a cleaning, I was thinking it would be scheduled at another date. BOY WAS I WRONG! The hygentist came in, walked me to another chair, sat down with me and told me what all she was going to do. She said he requested a limited amount of X-rays due to my anxiety, and I told her you could do virtually anything to me provided no needles are involved. That was always the hardest for me, was getting numb.

So she did 12 X-rays and she told me everything that was needing done, or what she felt needed done. I nodded and she went right to work cleaning my teeth. Told me everything she was going to do, talked to me while she did everything, and answered any questions that came up, and I asked over two dozen questions I had.

After the cleaning, they offer a free whitening treatment, and I was very excited for that! After my teeth were cleaned and whitened, the dentist told me what all he felt needed done.

The tooth that broke the day before he wanted to do a root canal on to save it. It had infection in it and he said that if not it would only cause problems down the road. Pulling it would be a second option if years later that root canal would not work that he could remove it.

Once again, I stressed my concern with the needles, and he told me, and the hygentist told me I should experience NO PAIN! I said, "Okay, we'll try a root canal."

5 MINUTES LATER--I am in another chair to be numbed! I did not have to make another appointment to come in for this, they were doing it THAT DAY! The hygentist came back and held my hand, and honestly....I FELT NOTHING! The shots from last years dentist, I felt EVERY SINGLE STICK! I FELT NOTHING! No tears were shed.

Not only did I feel nothing, but I had a root canal done and completed in an hour! He told me he rushed through it for me because he did not want me to freak out. He was working quickly for my benefit. He had not one assistant, but 3! He did that to help rush things along for my benefit.

Once it was completed, they took another X-ray, and I will say it looked somewhat odd to me. I was worried because there looked to be a pocket of white there. He came in and said he could not have asked for better results. The pocket was just empty from he infection and eventually new bone would grow there. He said that I would experience some tenderness, and I have, but nothing a little asprin cannot help. He wrote out a prescription for something stronger than asprin, but believe me, I do not need it. I can deal with the tenderness, but honestly the whole procedure was painless.

I admit my anxiety was creeping up right before he started working. He was trying to place on a bracket to help separate the tooth he was working on and me. He left to get a different one because of the way my mouth is shaped, and in those 5 moments my heart just started racing. 10 minutes later I was perfectly fine!

Believe me, if I can get through this, anyone can! I am the biggest baby you will ever find!

When I went to leave, everyone was very nice, and they even had openings to fit me in next week to give me some time to heal up before they start on the other side. I need a wisdom tooth and another tooth on that side taken out. The wisdom tooth is too hard to clean and is causing the tooth in front of it to decay. The other tooth is because it has been broken since I was 13, and I am coming up to turn 24 in 3 weeks time. Imagine dealing with that tooth for 11 years! It broke on my 13th birthday, I remember. It is infected and only 1/4 of it is still there.

The hygenist told me that it will take longer to get numb than for those to be taken out together. I was numb this time around in less than 20 minutes. Last year it took over an hour and two rounds of shots to get that same side numb!

I am going back two weeks from tomorrow. I decided on that one because my family is coming to visit and I did not want to risk ruining their visit in case I am a little swollen. They are also working around my work schedule. I only told them once Fridays are the best bet for me because I am off and it keeps me from having to worry about making up work. Work is fine either way, they want me to take care of myself, but Fridays are my days, and the office knows that and they said the following Friday would work out perfectly!

I will never go back to the other dentist. In fact I would never recommend her to anyone. She had little consideration for anxiety patients, and told me I needed to suck it up and deal with it the first time I went in for shots. I loved her staff, but she herself is not considerate of those who have the anxiety and fear I have.

Thanks to my new dentist, I do not fear going back. I do not fear the shots (I will still want someone to hold my hand, and my hygentist was more than happy to do that, and she also came back two or three times during the procedure to check on me and told me if I needed ANYTHING to just tell one of the girls and they would come get me. I also told the dentist that she was coming back to hold my hand, she just had to do something quickly, and he kindly waited until she came back. He had no problems doing so.

He explained everything that happened, everything that will happen in the future and told me whatever concerns I have.
Wow, that was a lot for a first visit- but I guess there is some merit to "no time to worry"................


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Great - you see it is not you, painfree injections are mainly down to the dentist's technique - some just can't be bothered to even try to do it comfortably.
Kudos to your for having to hurdle that battle. I think your dentist and is really really good to complete everything right away, kudos to her as well.

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