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Finally got an extraction



Junior member
Apr 5, 2018
Hi all. I have gone through some pretty painful procedures in the past 5 years. The latest tooth had been causing issues since May. I had 2 rct and still had pain and headaches so bad that my dentist sent me to a neurologist. I even went through pt for the headaches. I finally went to an oral surgeon this week. At first, he wanted me to see a periodontist bc the X-rays were clear. I had to dig my heels in but I got him to agree to extract. He was great and I am in minimal pain. Turns out the root tip was infected. I go back for a follow up and then for an implant in 3 months. The best thing is that the headaches have completely stopped since the extraction this morning. Please advocate for yourself when you are in pain. I am lucky to have found a new dentist and oral surgeon to repair any old issues that were caused by previous work.
Congrats and thanks for sharing! Happy to hear that your issues are solved now and that you are happy with your new dental team:)