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Finally got my wisdom tooth out and am a happy girl


Jane Dorothy

Junior member
Jun 14, 2019
Hi, I'd like to share my success story. A basic introduction about me, I am a 25 year old girl. In the beginning I found out that I have lower impacted wisdom tooth that is growing horizontally. I didn't want to remove since it is not causing me no problems. Until I went to several dentist to do cleaning and they all told me that it could lead me to potential problem in the long run. I then decided to just remove one onlywith GA. But, I tried to avoid GA as much as possible after knowing there is some risk associated with it and I can't imagine myself dying due to such an anestesia. I posted a few days ago about how petrified I got before my removal of wisdom and I even opted for iv sedation. I told the dentist that I only wanted to remove one but he confidently told me to go for four since I wanted to go for IV and he assured me thst he can one done in 7 minutes!!! (I choose him because there was so many wonderful reviews about him) Ended up, I decided to remove my lower impacted ones since the upper ones are growing in fine and being a first timer, 4 sounded too much for me to handle. I am having panic attacks and went to watch some anti anxiety video which helped me alot. You can find it here:
Before all these, I had been vomitting acid for the past one week and having stomachache. Sleepless night and not interested in anything and my family said I am totally like a zombie. I told myself I didn't want this life anymore.

While on the way to the dentist office, I panicked a little and I tried to compel myself into doing this. I placed my focus on being a and happy person. I tried the breathing techniques and when they call my name, I followed them. The anesthesist took out a needle and I closed my eyes. He told me it will be a little painful like injection. But all I felt was just someone poking my my hand with a pencil!!! I asked him was it like twilight sedation. He then told me it will be slightly more than that since I was too nervous. I told him I did not want GA, he smiled and said something like if it was GA, you won't be here. He theh placed oxygen tube thru my nose. My dentist then asked me to bite on some greenish rubber. He then said, count to 10. I heard the anesthetist joking with him say, 10 is too little, count to 20. After that, I was awakened by the nurse with a soft touch. My bf said I the whole procedure took like 20 minutes!!

Right now, I am just resting after having soft food and ice cream. Not much pain but just swelling which was tolerable. I am glad that a wussie like me got it through. If I can, you can do it too!! It was the easiest surgery I had ever done in my life.
Jane Dorothy,

So glad this went so well for you!! This is a great story and testimony!! I hope your recovery goes well and fast!!:welldone::perfect::star::star:
Glad things went well. Congratulations on going through with it. :cheer:
Jane Dorothy,

So glad this went so well for you!! This is a great story and testimony!! I hope your recovery goes well and fast!!:welldone::perfect::star::star:
It was the best decision I've made!! 2 days now and I only have swelling