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Finally had my Mandibular Tori removed!



Junior member
Dec 19, 2020
St pete
Hi there,
What a great place to share my story with anyone who is scared about Tori removal surgery.
I’ll start by telling you that I’m a huge baby when going to the dentist. I’m not sure of exactly why as I’ve never had a horrible experience. But when I visit any dentist my hands sweat, I almost pass out and start having a panic attack! That being said, I’ve put off having Tori removal for a good 10+ years because of all the horror stories and folks telling me to wait until I have to do it for dentures.
I’m in my mid fifties and that would probably be forever if I waited!
may dentist recommended that I have them removed now, enough waiting and recommend a WONDERFUL surgeon. Of course, being super nervous I asked everywhere about great surgeons and if anyone did the laser surgery out there, nope! Just so happens that my new neighbor had this surgery done by the same surgeon and gave him 5 stars! It was like a message from God.
My Tori had gotten so bad that food was getting stuck under them, my speech was impaired, usually worse in the morning, my tongue no longer fit in my mouth and it was always sore. Not to mention that occasional shot of spit that would go flying out of my mouth when I talked....so embarrassing. I scheduled the surgery, no looking back!
I had the surgery done yesterday morning with general anesthesia. I could hear them talking a bit and that was nice, then I was out until I woke up with a mouth full of gauze. No pain, just gauze and I could only mumble.
Once the gauze was out and all, I could actually rest my tongue in my mouth! I have room in my mouth now!! I’m so happy!! Literally the pain is not bad at all. The only thing that bothered me was seeing some blood but that’s minimal this morning only pinkish here and there. Now only sore teeth and lots of icky stitches.
If you’re like me, PLEASE don’t wait. It’s not what they say...and I’m a baby!
I’ll try to add before pictures and let me know if you have questions.
Hi Kimmie,

well done on having it done and thank you for sharing your story with us! :claps:
That must have been such a sensational feeling - to finally have room in your mouth, being able to rest your tongue!

Wishing you a speedy recovery and have fun with eating, talking and enjoying the space you have in your mouth now :)