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Finally! had my two wisdom teeth removed under IV sedation



Mar 16, 2015
I've been putting things off for ages with my top right wisdom tooth, it got really loose and caused me no end of hassle. My bottom right one broke during lockdown, it was an old filling and after it broke, with lockdown restrictions in dentists, not much could be done, so my dentist put some temporary filling in which was still there up til my tooth was removed. But the remainder of that tooth started causing problems too as it developed chronic infection in the root.

I got referred to the clinic for anxious patients. It took a long time to get seen but yesterday came and went.

First off, I was really anxious about this, I have a severe phobia of dental and medical procedures, including needles in my mouth so getting two teeth removed in one go was a biggie for me. I'd been having nightmares about this day and lived in a constant state of panic/anxiety. The eventual extractions always lurked in the back of my mind.

So over the weekend I went and got everything I might need, soft food, smoothies, pineapple juice, painkillers, arnica (as mentioned in another post - I don't normally 'do' homeopathy, but I thought it can't hurt)

The night before, I started feeling disconnected from what was coming. Then completely dissociated. I'd slept badly the previous night so maybe that had something to do. I took a sleeping tablet Sunday night so I would feel a little more human on Monday morning to face the dentist, and I still felt dissociated Monday morning. Perfect!

We drove about 1 hour to the clinic, arrived early. There was a huge team just for me! 4 nurses and one dentist. So the sedation. After a few attempts at putting the IV in, the dentist said maybe we should reschedule, I said no!! So eventually we found a vein. We're in, 1mg midazolam, immediately I felt a little more relaxed. Then a bit more. and a bit more and then got numbed up...

The extractions. I don't really remember any crunching noise or tugging, I think the dentist I saw was very gentle anyway. But I was also off my nut! I do remember vaguely reaching out to one of the nurses and she took my hand. Then I don't remember much at all, just the dentist saying It's all done! She filled the holes with little bits of Surgicel and that was that. So there's me coming round pretty quick - I think? Maybe I had a long nap I 'm not sure!

I went to sleep early (for me) last night and woke up with a massive headache and general malaise today. I think it was partly does to the sedation and sleeping with an extra pillow. But today I have, no swelling to speak of, no bruising, just a grim little ball of dressing I hope will come off soon, and a tender jaw. Really nowhere near as dramatic as my damaged brain had anticipated.

I've never had such a compassionate and kind team look after me and I am so grateful to them. So much patience, kindness, I think that makes a huge difference.

And I am glad to be rid of those two troublesome teeth. Now I just have to concentrate on healing, take it easy and let my body do its thing.