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Finally having wisdom teeth removed and a dentist visit after a very long time



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Apr 3, 2014
Finally having wisdom teeth removed and a dentist visit after a very long time

I'm 31 a light smoker who is trying to quit and I also smoke marijuana for chronic pain and nausea. I also have an overbite that I have had since I was a kid (planning on getting braces as soon as I can afford it as well) Sorry so long winded but I'm just curious about a lot of things.

I have not had a true dental check up or cleaning in at least 15 years. Five years ago I had one of my bottom wisdom teeth come in and it was causing pain and my only option was to go to a free clinic for a check up where the policy is to extract even if the x-ray does not show a problem. I will spare the gory details but it was absolutely awful expecially for someone who has never even had a cavity filled. Needless to say I never went back and did not even go through with the cleaning that I scheduled for a few weeks later because I was so terrified.

Fast forward to this week and I began noticing that my mouth is just sore in general, I have also suspected that I had a cracked molar that I had been living with for at least a year( turns out nothing is cracked) I was having chest pains, also smoking my nightly marijuana seemed to make my mouth feel worse, the bottom wizzy that is left is now coming through. I called up a dentist in the area and they got me in yesterday for a full exam and x-rays. He was so nice and was really surprised that my teeth were as healthy as they were. He did find 4 small cavities but he says we can wait and reevaluate them at my 6 month cleaning. He also recommend that I have my remaining wizzys out ASAP and I was referred to an oral surgeon and will have my consult in a couple of weeks.

Today he fit me in for a full debridement and cleaning. My mouth feels amazing other then the normal gum tenderness in a few spots and he was even able to remove a green spot that has been there since I was 17. I am also noticing that my mouth seems to be mosturized much better now and he was also able to really get in there and clean the wisdom teeth as I have not been able to. My breathe is so much better already. I'm wondering does plaque and tarter build up cause your entire mouth to be sore? Also do having wisdom teeth that need to come out cause your entire mouth to have issues? Can teeth filled with decay cause chest pains, headaches etc? Thanks so much for reading this if you have. I am jsut really excited to get a happy mouth once again.
Re: Finally having wisdom teeth removed and a dentist visit after a very long time

Hi WELCOME :jump::jump::jump: to the forum.

Yes wisdom teeth that need to come out especially if they are causing a bit of an over crowding issue can make all your mouth and head hurt, I had to have mine out all four of them some years ago and the relief was wonderful after I had healed.

Yes plaque can also make your teeth and gums hurt.

Teeth problems can and do give you headache and also in some cases ear ache. I don't know about the chest pains. I know I have had chest pains with my teeth hurting me but I think it was caused more from anxiety about having to go to the dentist to get treatment.

However after saying that I do have a really good dentist and with their help all my fear and anxiety about getting treatment has all but gone. Your dentist sounds really good, I think they are very caring and considerate and it sounds like they are taking things slowly and really helping you to get over your fear. Which I think you stand a good chance of getting over with your dentist.

Good luck for the rest of your treatment, glad you are much happier and getting healthy. Well done for taking these steps I think you were very brave :respect::respect::respect::butterfly:
Re: Finally having wisdom teeth removed and a dentist visit after a very long time

Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad I found this site. My mouth feels so clean and healthy with the exception on the bottom right wizzy which is impacted. I think the through cleaning may have aggravated things a bit. The pain seems to be pretty nonstop and if I touch the flap over the tooth there is a horrid smell. My dentist says I can go to the ER for antibiotics and possibly pain meds since the oral surgeon can't see me until the middle of April and that is just for the consult. I have some tramadol left over from a surgery on my arm last month so that and advil seems to be taking the edge off.

Debridement sounds like a scary thing but he even offered me shots of novacaine during but I made it thourgh with just the numbing gel in certain spots. If I can do it after 15 years and with my PTSD/anxiety then there must be hope for others. Your mouth will thank you. I was reading that debridement is usually just used to acess things and then you come back for a cleaning but he polished and flossed my teeth after.
Re: Finally having wisdom teeth removed and a dentist visit after a very long time

I was referred to my local dental hospital for treatment, I waited quite a while for an initial appointment but once I had seen the specialist things moved on quicker from there.

I think your dentist has given you some very good advice and is putting your interests first, I think you are lucky to have found them, they sound like a keeper.

I am pleased for you that your teeth and mouth feels much cleaner and better, once that darn wisdom tooth is sorted out you will feel much better and I think you should be really pleased with yourself for getting the courage to see the dentist and have treatment.

As I type this I have a toothache that is threatening to send me running to my dentist, I am hoping it fades away as I have just finished my course of treatment and I am supposed to be on a "see you in 6 months break".

All the best to you with your future treatment and I hope they sort your wisdom tooth out soon :butterfly:

By the way I don't know why they call them wisdom teeth, I don't think they are wise and most of the time are just little bother causers :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: