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Finally told my parents



Junior member
Jan 12, 2023
I wanted to share a little success today ;D after months of beating myself up and pushing myself to tell my parents about my problems only to always step back, the pressure and the anxiety about my situation became too much for me to continue carrying all by myself and i broke down in front of my mother and confessed everything. I have to admit, she took it so much better than i thought she would, she was a little bit disappointed that i didn't tell her when my molars could still be saved but other than that she comforted me the whole time and reassured me about my fear of being a burden, telling me that she will always do everything she can to help me despite her not so great financial situation. My father took it even more lightly than she did, telling me that there is a bunch of people out there who lose teeth, have fake teeth or just have problems in general and started going on a rant about how back in the 50s tooth decay was almost the norm at least where he lived but people were still happy and smiling. He also told me how his family had history of bad teeth too, like my grandpa or my uncle whose front teeth all decayed and had to have implants done. i also told him about my fear of being a burden and he just laughed and told me that these thoughts are absolutely ridicolous coming from the one person they promised to support and help the moment she came to the world. I feel a little bit more light right now.. but the big journey ahead of me still scares me a lot, my mom made me an appointment with the dentist she goes to but since they're pretty much full all the time they can't see me earlier than April the 3rd for now. I will be dreading that first visit for sure, hope i don't have nightmares about it. :o
Crazy how we overthink how our parents will react to these things, I also broke down to my mum and she thought it was much worse by the way I was sobbing but when I told her she was just worried if my teeth hurt haha.
Glad you finally got the courage though and that things work out for you ^^