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Finally went to Dentist after 10 years.



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Aug 4, 2016
I couldn't stand my horrible teeth anymore, even though I am scared to death.They were all super nice and understanding.

However I still am afraid of going back....My two front teeth have to be pulled, 29 yrs old and I'll be walking around with no front teeth because I was a lazy kid.Wish mom would have smacked me.He said I could get partial dentures, but the thought of that is weird, like I'm afraid I'll swallow them, or something like that.Plus I don't like the idea of having to take teeth out to go to bed...Implants would have been better for me personally, but he didn't offer that.

He said the way my teeth are makes things easier, not harder.He told me my bottom teeth are just maintence, cleaning, a few fillings.Its my top teeth, I'm missing most of my top.I have 3 good teeth left up there, yet he wants to pull them anyways -_-

Lady at front desk told me I would have to learn how to talk again and that scares me...And the bill, my insurance paid 90% of it, but I will owe 350 in a couple weeks at next visit and i just don't have it.due to hurricanes recently.

However, my fear the most was the dentist making fun of me.But he didn't do that at all! He was super understanding and helpful.He told me he would make it painless and that he'd get me to overcome my fear.

Now I gotta get used to the idea of no longer having front teeth.
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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

Sounds like you have a nice dentist... This is a hard and big decision,,I had horrible front teeth when I was 30, my very sweet dentist at the time convinced me to do partial denture. Allthough it did take some getting used to. They needed to come out, the teeth were just not doing me any favors being in there , in any way.. so the dentures gave me a much better aesthetic look , I felt a ton more confident and could smile again.. was it hard to get used to ,, yes, did I feel really self conscious,, yes.. and the idea of it ,, having dentures was really hard and well still is.. but.. considering all, it was a most compassionate option my dentist could give and If i had the money i would surely have done implants. i'vebeen told I could still have implants there now if I wanted to.. so even if you can't afford implants now. you could do dentures right away and save up for implants when you can afford it.. I hope all goes well...