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Finally went to the dentist after 15 years



Junior member
Apr 4, 2024
United States

I’m 38 and haven't been to the dentist since my early 20s due to a combination of poor financial decisions in my early 20s, anxiety stemming from a traumatic experience with a dentist bonding a chipped front tooth when I was 15, being shamed by a dentist when a molar initially cracked and now embarrassment for having waited so long.

I have three molars that have broken over time and finally ended up going to the dentist today after a premolar broke the other day. This one was visible so it gave me the kick in the pants that I needed. I need to have all four broken teeth extracted and have seven cavities that need to be filled, which was honestly less than I thought, and need a deep cleaning.

I’m scheduled to go to the oral surgeon on Monday for a consultation and very anxious about that and need to make some decisions about how to best spend my insurance maximum. I’m definitely getting the implant on the premolar started now, but was wondering if people typically just get an extraction for an upper jaw second molar since it’s so far back? I was lucky in that my wisdom teeth all came in perfectly so that is back behind the second molar.

- Pat
Hey it is a great achievement to go in after 15 years! I am afraid I don't know if people usually get an implant to replace that tooth, but I know some teeth it is more recommended to replace than others. Maybe your dentist or the oral surgeon could advise?
Hi Pat,
Well done on making that appointment! I was in a similar boat to you in not having gone to a dentist in about 14 years. I had a premolar snap in two after basically dying in my mouth. Stubbornness and fear kept me away from the dentist, along with some childhood dentist trauma.
Anyway, I am now just under five months into my treatment plan (it’s a long one!). Five fillings with two to go… I had my second CEREC crown put in today. Next are my final fillings then all four wizzies out. Finally two premolar implants. Both of my upper second premolars are missing for the same reason, so I will be getting a consult to see if we can do implants. My dentist seems confident, but the principal dentist at the office is the implant specialist, so that awaits me.
Good luck with your journey!
@night_natter Thanks and good luck with the rest of yours!

I went to the oral surgeon two days ago and didn’t love him. Didn’t look directly at you when he spoke to you or you to him which put me off a bit. I still made an appointment for next Friday to start the work, but also made an appointment with another dentist for a second opinion the day before just to see if they’ll say something different.

Have my first two fillings in tomorrow 😬
@Mmj0204 all the very best for tomorrow! I found fillings a lot easier than I did as a child. Dentists have really improved in their bedside manner since the 1980s!

Good idea to get a second opinion. It is so important to make sure you feel comfortable and reassured with your dentist.