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Finally went to the dentist after 9 years!



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Sep 23, 2023
England UK
Hi all,

I'm a new member but have been reading these forums for some time. The success stories really helped me build the courage to book an appointment so I wanted to share my success story so I could perhaps help someone else!

I had a bad experience at the dentist about 9 yrs ago which left me fearful. I have wanted to go back for a few years after seeing black marks on some of my back teeth but have never been brave enough to make the appointment. I never looked in my mouth, I didn't want to know. I always hoped I'd get chronic pain that would force me to go but never did. Within the last year, I developed a couple of brown marks between my front teeth which I couldnt avoid looking at, and that made me feel very insecure.

I started to read these forums and googled for clinics. I found a great clinic which had hundreds of 5 star google reviews and specialised in nervous patients. They even offer sedation and offered an online booking form so I didnt have to call! (I was too terrified to call.) I was reading the success stories on here for weeks trying to muster up some courage. Then last week I opened the booking portal and just booked it!!! I was mortified with myself but also felt a little relief - I did it!

Well after a week of worry, today was finally the day...! Part of me was relieved but the rest of me was filled with anxiety. My appointment was at 12.30 and all morning I felt as though I could vomit, my hands shook and I felt like I was in overdrive.
We finally arrived and I cried in the car park, my partner had to sign me in at reception while I stood and cried. We sat in the waiting room and I pulled myself together but as soon as the dentist called me in, I burst into tears again. I had written in the notes section when I booked that I was very fearful and hadn't been for some time. The dentist reassured me straight away and we sat and had a chat before the examination. He assured me it'd be a quick look and he would stop at any time. He first went around my teeth counting each one, with no tools just a look. Then he went back around a second time with a mirror & tool and told his assistant the condition of each tooth. This was the scariest bit, hearing him announce each one. I didn't think my teeth were terrible, I have no broken teeth but lots of black dots that I was sure was decay. My wisdom teeth are half way through my gums and theres no room for them so I was convinced they'd need removing. I had in my head I would need 10+ fillings and root canals. Nope! I was very wrong. He said I would need 1 filling and a 30 minute clean and that's it!!! He said my wisdom teeth were impacted but not causing any issues right now so to leave them alone. He did some x rays to check all my roots and all were fine. I had a few areas of gum recession but no gum disease. I couldnt believe my ears, I even got him to recheck a couple of teeth. All the brown & black marks along my gumline which I thought were real bad news was just staining!! I was shocked and felt so annoyed with myself that I hadn't gone sooner!!

I have my filling booked for a couple of weeks time and the hygienist in about 5 weeks and I'm actually so relieved to finally be able to sort my mouth out (albeit not as bad as I thought!)

I really hope my story helps someone else get the motivation to make that appointment and gain their confidence back!
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Amazing!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!! Great news all around :). I’m in a similar boat and headed to the dentist in a couple of weeks and your story is definitely helping with my anxiety. Thank you for sharing!
@Dareeair thank you so much! I'm so relieved I went, excited to start the journey of looking after my teeth now. I couldve danced out of that building I was so happy with myself. You will be absolutely fine, I wish you all the best that it goes smoothly and you feel the same as me afterwards! :)
Oh wow i needed to see this today. Thank you.