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Finally Went to the Dentist!



Junior member
May 31, 2024
Thanks to this forum I've been lurkin in, I finally called an office after lots of research and got my tooth looked at.

Growing up, oral hygiene wasn't really drilled into my head much. That and stressful years of highschool and being sick in college lead to me not taking care of my teeth...much if at all. I know my teeth are bad, I don't smile and I cover my mouth when laughing. I can see how bad my teeth are anytime I look in the mirror. I'm lucky enough where I've never had any severe tooth issues aside from aches here and there on occasion if I eat something super sweet.

...and then chipped my back molar when I clenched my jaw very hard and suddenly. (Got scared by a loud noise while half-asleep). I called a place near me after looking at reviews and they were so extremely gentle and kind to me on the phone the moment I expressed my fear. Went to my appointment shaking like a leaf but everyone treated me well. I only got the one broken tooth looked at (root canal and crown in 2 1/2 weeks and some antibiotics...!) but I feel like I'm finally on a journey to a better smile.

I'm still really, really nervous about the inevitable appointment where they look at ALL my teeth. I'm not scared of the procedures themselves, more so the news on how bad everything will be. But taking this step feels great. I've been keeping up frequent brushing habits now, too.

I'm really grateful that the place I chose is not only close to my house, but that it's full of very kind and caring people. I felt so at ease once I got in the chair. Even if the prices are steep, I'm prepared to take it for my health.

Just wanted to share my story here. :)
Thanks so much for sharing your story here, @CoffeeCat! Great to hear that you managed to pluck up the courage to contact a dentist, and that your first appointment went so well. Sounds like you're in good hands :cloud9: . Wishing you all the best for your next appointment, please keep us updated!
This as given my hope. Thank you
UPDATE! I had my exam and honestly...I was so shocked to hear I just needed a couple of fillings! I was truly expecting a lot of bad news. But nope! Just a few appointments in the future, a cleaning, and my wisdom teeth out. (,: I'm really grateful right now. It's motivated me to keep up a very consistent routine every day. I feel like years and years of shame and fear for my teeth have been lifted away.