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Jan 1, 2005
We received this success story in our email inbox with the request to share:

I bumped into your website and I had to share a story with you, and the people who absolutely fear the dentist.

When I was two years old I got into what was then called crystal Drano. Drano like the liquid version you see today, only the crystal version back 54 years ago was much more powerful and damaging. Luckily I do not remember this experience, and I almost died. My mom tells me I turned black from the chemical reaction.

But getting to the dentist thing. Even though I do not remember my event, it caused my to have a subconscious version about the dentist. I absolutely could not stand, or handle the thoughts of going to the dentist of fear, and anxiety, and probably because I had seen several really bad horse doctor dentists.

The best advice I can give anyone that has dental anxiety is to find a dentist that is compassionate and caring. One that cares if you're hurting. I’ve been with my dentist for over 32 years now, and I absolutely love the man. He knows my problems. My mouth is severely scarred, and even the tongue tip was eaten off due to the chemical from the drano. My mouth and skin tissue did not grow properly inside… everything is very tight, and my gums have scar pockets that cause me not to numb well. Even with all of this going on, and the fear I once had – this has all gone away because I found a dentist that absolutely cares about my comfort during any procedure.

Do not be frightened or think bad thoughts about yourself. Go to the dentist and even to someone that has been referred to you as being gentle, or caring. You’ll find you’ll be far better off and in much less pain. How I met my dentist is one Christmas Eve I was in extreme ( extreme ) pain and had to do an emergency visit. Dr. Ross came in and pulled my tooth, and it felt like heaven had to come to earth when all that pressure and pain went away. I went home and slept for 10 hours because I had not slept for days. Don’t be that person…. Go and get the help you need right away.

Hope my story gets shared…….
WoW.. this is a powerful and inspiring story and So glad whoever wrote this as we don't know your name but if you read this I'm so glad you found this wonderful dentist , he sounds like an angel dentist! and 32 years!! what a relief to have such a consistant ally and dentist in life!! This is beautiful!!
What amazing words and I concur with all that is said here; my ladies have indeed changed my life and released me from dental worry forever. My advice to add: do the research, chat and meet several people before booking a proper appointment, and above all, be honest about where you are at; it is surprising at how caring and supportive these people are! Generally dentists of today want to help and support unlike those of many decades ago. If they do not, simply look elsewhere....... :)