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Finding my voice

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Finding my voice

Apr 6, 2016
My fear of dentists was caused by guess what:dentists.I can only base my experience on the dentists I have had the displeasure of meeting.Perhaps there are some humane compassionate ones out there.They seem to be unaware that patients have any feelings and that losing one's teeth is traumatic.They need never fear losing their teeth as they will have some dentist friend who will provide them with implants.If only we were all that lucky. No we have to go through hell.The first hurdle is making the appointment.I have endured unbearable pain from abscesses in the vain hope it would resolve itself.It never does.Then comes the day of the appointment.So worn out by all the pain drag myself to the surgery to face some unfeeling person who has no idea how traumatised I feel. Then I began to think how brave we all are because we turn up even though at any given moment we would love to run away.Thought of Simon Cowell going to see his dentist.I bet he doesn't get a lecture for smoking or being late.All the dentist can see is pound signs dazzling around Simon's teeth.Somehow made me feel better.To all you sensitive people out there I hope you find your voice and realise that we are not second class citizens because we have problems with anxiety and troublesome teeth.In fact we are first class citizens because we are compassionate and understand the feelings of others and respect them.