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finding the right dentist!

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I have done more for my teeth in the past 3 months than i have in my 25 years on this planet 🤣

I have a huge phobia of dentists and really neglected my dental health. I had an abscess twice during covid (💀) in different areas and both times I cried when the dentists popped it, that's when i really started to rethink everything. I googled every dentist in my area & at around at least 15 miles distance, mustered up the courage to go to consultations and only after one consultation I fell back into the hole of phobias and didn't go back for 6 months😭.

Since then I have successfully had 2 teeth extracted in the space of 6 weeks and had 6 fillings with one root canal left to do. I cannot STRESS how important it is to find the correct dentist who will understand you and work with you. The dentist I am with now is so extremely understanding and guides me through everything before she starts the treatment. In fact, even the reception staff are just as sweet and welcoming and I makes me feel so much better whenever I go. They always give me a good laugh before I go inside the dentist room and it really calms my nerves. I won't lie though, I still do get a bit nervous when I sit on that chair but definitely not to the point where i wanna run away and cry😪.
Can I ask how did you know you had an abscess? I have this weird swollen gum that is worrying me. I scheduled an appointment but it's not for another month. Every dentist in my area is booked so I'm low key panicking

Km happy you found a good dentist! The one I scheduled with has awesome reviews so I'm actually not as nervous seeing her. 😅 I'm only nervous over the costs 😬
Hi there so glad you found a dentist that's a great fit. I have a wisdom tooth extraction, root canal for a dead tooth, frontal tooth extraction and bone graft that I have to get done and I'm so freaked out. Like how did you cope with it all? Did you have to go under general anesthesia or were you so comfortable with the new dentist you did it with local? I am also totally terrified of the general anesthesia.

Well said.

I’m glad you found success, and hope that you continue to enjoy the results of your courage.

Lastly, we’ll said regarding the importance of finding a good dentist.

There are some wonderful dentists/periodontists/endodontists out there, and they’re worth finding.