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Finished up treatment plan and improved my phobia and issues (though not perfect)



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Jul 9, 2022
Within about ten months I have finished up my treatment plan and went through:
1. Checkup 1 with old dentist who provided unsatisfactory treatment plan with sedation that I wasn't willing to do
2. Orthodontic consultation 1
3. Orthodontic consultation 2
4. Consultation with new dentist who was willing to treat me without sedation, switched offices
5. Extraction 1
6. Implant planning appointment
7. Implant surgery
8. Checkup
9. Extraction of 2 wisdom teeth
10. Extraction of 2 wisdom teeth
11. Healing abutment surgery
12. Orthodontic consultation 3
13. Orthodontic consultation 4
14. Crown appointment 1
15. Crown appointment 2
16. Crown appointment 3
17. Final attatchment of crown (crown appointment 4)
I am still definitely phobic and anxious but I am way better and not having some of the worst stuff like full body fight or flight reactions while calling the dentist, or in the waiting room, at appointments, and in the parking lot, and I am not having as much or sometimes even at all disaccoiation while the dentist is working in my mouth. I am not waking up with panic attacks either or twitching anymore. I am able to be more polite and friendly at the dentist office. I wasn't able to fix all the problems with my teeth, and learned that some of them, the ones orthodontic in nature, really can't be fixed without making things worse, but my dental health is a lot better now, and I learned a lot about myself and my issues and phobias, what they are, where they came from, and strategies to deal with them, so I really feel like I have a good chance to deal with them as I need more dentistry in the future. This web site, forum, and people on here, especially Letsconnect and Dr. Gordon helped me so much and I will be forever grateful.

Well done.

That is a lot of appointments.