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First appointment in nearly 4 years is next week.



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May 17, 2018
And I am terrified (and new to this forum!)

The last time I went to the dentist was very traumatizing and I actually felt abused. I had a few fillings done in the upper molars and premolars, and I noticed on one of my new fillings that the floss kept getting snagged. When I told the dentist, he became very angry, as if I was insulting his work, and began jamming floss between my teeth to prove he was correct. He then proceeded to do another filling, being very rough to the point of cutting the corner of my mouth, and he also didn’t use enough Novocain (which was never an issue on the other fillings he did) and I felt nearly everything. I was too terrified to even move. Needless to say, I never returned and haven’t seen a dentist since.

I have been having discomfort (not constant) in 2 previously filled premolars in the upper right side for awhile now, and sensitivity to certain foods. They also don’t quite feel or look right. It never hurt quite enough to force me out of my phobia and into scheduling an appointment, so I just ignored it. Now one of the premolars feels a little loose and I am scared. I amazingly made an appointment today to see a new dentist.

I am of course thinking worst case scenario and that I will be told they have to pull them both. I am only 32 and the thought of having some kind of denture is horrifying to me. These premolars are visible when I talk and smile, so I can’t just have gaps there.

Was hoping for any words of wisdom or advice as I am extremely terrified for this appointment next week and so scared of the worst possible outcome.

Thank you!
Hi Ilovehiking and welcome to the forum! :) A huge well done for plucking up the courage and scheduling an appointment, this must have been very hard after your horrific experience with that last dentist!

What about your new practice convinced you to schedule an appointment? Do they seem to be good with nervous patients?

I understand that you think of the worst case scenario now, but it's not too probable that you might lose any teeth. Sensitivity and 'not feeling right' of a tooth can have a lot of reasons and there are a lot of treatments. Dentists are trained and interested in saving teeth, not pulling them and there are a lot of treatments that make saving a tooth possible, so try not to worry too much about this. If it reassures you: One of my filled molars have been sensitive and even painful for years and I was so traumatized and scared that it took about 5 visits till I allowed my new kind caring dentist to even touch that tooth. It turned out that all I needed was having a desensitization fluid painted on it!

The tooth that feels lose: does it feel lose or is it actually moving? (By the way even if it was moving a bit it still wouldn't mean that you will lose it).

Fear is telling you stories and these stories will never come true. If I can offer you an advice: just make sure your dentist is a kind one and someone you feel you can trust and if anything doesn't feel right, leave.

All the best wishes and keep us posted
That dentist was terrible!

You deserve better.

I am not sure if I have any advice, but I certainly send encouragement!
Thank you for the kind words and support!!

The loose tooth is kind of strange. It doesn’t feel loose 24/7, but at certain times during the day. Usually I notice it when eating (though not every time I eat)When I wiggle, it does move slightly, not super visible, but I can feel it moving side to side a smidge when I wiggle it.

This is a new development over the past couple weeks. The gums above it don’t look receded to me - although who knows what it looks like on the other side of the tooth that I can’t see.

I will definitely keep you updated on how this goes. I chose this dentist because my father sees her, and says she is very nice and puts him at ease. She also has good reviews. Fingers crossed it’s a good fit and that I don’t get the horrible news I’m fearful of. Thanks again!
The big thing that "helped" me with dental anxiety is when I found a good dentist that prescribed me Valium before any significant procedure. Really helps to take the edge off things. Only caveat is by law here in the states you need to have someone drive you home.

Much success with your dental visit!:)
Wanted to give an update. I went to my appointment today!

First of all, they were extremely kind, understanding and gentle. They did x-rays and a cleaning first. Believe it or not - I have no new cavities! They actually showered me with compliments and stated they couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a cleaning in so long because it didn’t look it. That was nice to hear, because I’ve worked really hard at improving my oral hygiene (using a sonicare toothbrush and flossing daily).

They also couldn’t quite figure out the source of my pain/sensitivity as there were no obvious problems with my fillings or new issues. She did say that one of the fillings is a very large one, and comes very close to the nerve, so she thinks that is causing the sensitivity and occasional pain. She said that none of my teeth were loose, and that’s the bone holding them in place is strong and there is no bone loss.

She is sending me to one of her colleagues for a second opinion on how to address it. She is also sending my stats to Invisalign to see if I am a good candidate (I was told by a dentist years ago that I wasn’t because of bite issues and would need braces). She said there have been many advancements and that she thinks I would be a candidate.

My follow up appointment with her colleague is next week, and I already scheduled another cleaning in 6 months. I’m so glad I went and am feeling pretty proud of myself for being brave.

Thanks for the support. It was more helpful than you know.

Well done. You have earned this success
Sooo glad this went so much better than that last one you had!! Sounds like a supportive good place you have there and glad you are taking the next steps! Just beautiful!! Congrats on your good report too!!

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