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First appointment tomorrow. Scared Ill back out



Junior member
Jul 25, 2021
Got my first dental appointment in about 16 years tomorrow and can feel my anxiety rising with every passing minute. Terrified to go but also terrified to back out if that makes sense cause I no I can't live with my teeth like this anymore. It's effecting my mental health too much now . Pretty sure I'll have some of the worst teeth dentist has seen its making me so ashamed. I have no specific question just looking for a bit of support xxx
Hi @MCCCT, congratulations on making an appointment - that is such a difficult and courageous thing to do!

Waiting for that first appointment is the scariest thing and it's normal to feel terrified. The best piece of advice I've come across is to look at this first appointment as an opportunity to "interview" potential dentists and see if you like them and if they're a good match for you. If you get a chance, have a read of this interview with Mike Gow, one of the dentists on our advisory board:

That first visit is also an opportunity to share your fears with them and talk openly about how you feel. Some people find it helpful to print out this form, fill it in, and take it along to show potential dentists:

Or you can just use the form to figure out what it is that you fear most, and how your dentist might be able to help.

I'm not even sure if you will see this before your appointment tomorrow, but just wanted to wish you all the best ?! Let us know how you get on. Good luck ???!!!!
Thank you so much for your response. Appointment is at 11.30 so not long now . I feel physically sick. But I know I need to do this. Just hope the dentist doesn't judge me too harshly x
Well if they judged you harshly, you‘d have absolutely no reason to pick them as your dentist (talk about biting the hand that feeds you ?).

Wishing you all the best- you got this ???
Hi Mccct

It’s 11.44 now so you’re probably in there

I hope you didn’t back out I was in the exact same position as you a few weeks ago only I hadn’t been dentist for over 30 years except 1 visit when I was pregnant and nothing could be done

I hope when you read this you are feeling relieved and reassured about everything and I am sure everything you’re frightened about will be ok

Good luck hope you pop back and let us know

Caz x
@Caz72 thanks for your reply. I didn't back out and I'm so glad I went. A lot of treatment needing done as expected but only 1 extraction which I'm surprised about as I thought it would be all off them. Dentist was nice. Quite matter of a fact but kind aswell. Not as expensive as I thought either. Got a long road ahead for all the treatment but I've taken the first step so I'm proud of myself lol.
Thanks again for your message xxx
@MCCCT thats brilliant ? well done I’m so glad you went and feel so much better I think that first visit is the hardest step and you’ve done that now so the only way is up ? I needed 2 extractions 1 filling and a clean I feel I was very lucky but I just took 1 appointment at a time and now my teeth are what the dentist describes as stable ? I sometimes still smile to myself that I actually went and did it after all those years of worry

I’m so happy for you please keep us updated on your treatment

Good luck and well done

Caz x
Woohoo ? - great to hear that you didn't back out and that the dentist was kind ?. You should be very proud of yourself!! Hopefully you'll get a chance to have a wee celebration tonight ?. As @Caz72 said, please keep us updated. WELL DONE!!!
@MCCCT That's SO awesome that you went! :) And I'm so glad that it wasn't as bad as you thought! Let us know how everything is going as you progress in your treatment!
Thank you everyone. So glad to have this forum as support xxx