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First Cleaning without sedation for 10 years today!



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
After a really rocky time and lots of agonising searching, I have finally found not one, but two meccas for my dental needs!

My "forever" place has been decided on as a place called "Smiles Better", based in central Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK. This is so perfect for us phobics, as it is so "undentist-like" when you enter; the outside is like a typical shop front, and on entering, it is just like a hairdressing salon; leather sofas, coffee maker and no posters of bleeding teeth in sight! All staff wear lovely unthreatening black tunics that make them look like masseurs! I have not actually had any exam or treatment from them yet, but will be doing so after Christmas following a very positive visit to their venue a few weeks ago. Their lead nurse, Nicole Fisher is so lovely that at my request, she is going to accompany me during all my visits there and make sure I am well looked after and pampered! What a gem....

Back to today - as I am off on a trip next week, the above practice could not quite fit me in with the right people in time, so decided to bite the proverbial bullet and get a cleaning done in the meantime. I went to a superb place in central Cambridge (UK) called the Cambridge Dental Hub. The young guy that did the work was very good indeed, and gave me the regular breaks I needed that enabled me to both get through the procedure and moreover breathe! No sedation or pain relief needed - apart from a couple of twinges it was relatively smooth and hassle free. He was quite sexy too.......;)

Not sure of their exact web address, but their phone number is (UK) (01223) 365722 and they are open all hours! Very useful. Very highly recommended.............:)
I'm with you on this cleaning thing. I also got a nice lady who understood my fear. She was great. She said, just let me know if you want me to stop. That in itself gave me the confidence. I didn't need to tell her to stop. Foregate st Dental Practice. Chester, UK. Jenny for cleaning and Nav for dental treatment. Both lovely ladies.
Thanks for your reply. Have nearly recovered from yesterday and all set for my trip and geared up for a fresh start in the new year. Shame Chester is quite far from me - your practice sounds good......:)