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First Deep Clean Done !



Oct 4, 2020
The last two weeks have definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions ! The start of it was two weeks ago I went to my first appointment after 30 years of living in fear and being given the very expected news of extractions and dentures. That appointment was such a relief to get done even though I shed lots of tears and had x-rays and photos done.

Well today I also managed to have my first deep clean done with a bit of help from Diazepam, my stress ball, music in my ears, and oh about 8 injections ! This was a massive achievement for me and I had lots of encouragement from my dentist - she was fabulous. The common theme here seems to be the build-up and the anticipation. I am glad to say it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes - I didn't like the injections, yes - the actual cleaning was a bit uncomfortable but I had no pain, just a bit of sensitivity now and then and all of it was tolerable - although I couldn't get of there quick enough :) The next step is extractions in two weeks time - that appointment I am definitely dreading !


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Sep 18, 2017
Heyyy, congrats and well done! :claps::claps::claps:
Diazepam, stress ball and music, you were well equipped to keep your stress levels in check :)
Glad that all went well and that you are so happy with your dentist. Good luck with the extractions :clover: and keep us posted!