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First Deep Clean Done !



Oct 4, 2020
The last two weeks have definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions ! The start of it was two weeks ago I went to my first appointment after 30 years of living in fear and being given the very expected news of extractions and dentures. That appointment was such a relief to get done even though I shed lots of tears and had x-rays and photos done.

Well today I also managed to have my first deep clean done with a bit of help from Diazepam, my stress ball, music in my ears, and oh about 8 injections ! This was a massive achievement for me and I had lots of encouragement from my dentist - she was fabulous. The common theme here seems to be the build-up and the anticipation. I am glad to say it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes - I didn't like the injections, yes - the actual cleaning was a bit uncomfortable but I had no pain, just a bit of sensitivity now and then and all of it was tolerable - although I couldn't get of there quick enough :) The next step is extractions in two weeks time - that appointment I am definitely dreading !
Heyyy, congrats and well done! :claps::claps::claps:
Diazepam, stress ball and music, you were well equipped to keep your stress levels in check :)
Glad that all went well and that you are so happy with your dentist. Good luck with the extractions :clover: and keep us posted!
Excellent! I'm heading in on Feb. 3rd after not going for over 20 years. Your story is inspiring! Thank you!
Excellent! I'm heading in on Feb. 3rd after not going for over 20 years. Your story is inspiring! Thank you!
Thank you :) and the very best of luck to you. It's all very daunting, scary and a million other feelings isn't it. Looking back now I really don't know how I got myself through it - I obviously found the strength from somewhere (with the help of a stress ball, earphones and Diazepam and a very lovely dentist). I ended up at the end of Nov having 7 top teeth out (all pretty much front ones) and I picked up my denture mid Dec. I haven't quite got used to eating with it in yet but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. I will need the bottom ones out this year at some point - dreading it but at least I know what to expect now. Once again, good luck and well done for booking the appointment.
Hi MeJJ~~~I am back from the first dental appointment in over 20 years. They took a lot of pictures, xrays, etc. My teeth need deep cleaning and a few in the lower front may have to be removed and implants put it, but they will know more after the deep cleaning which will take more than one visit. The good news is there is no mouth cancer (I'm not a smoker) or anything horrible other than the front teeth possibly replaced and deep cleaning needed. I used a stress ball a lot during the first part of the exam but gradually didn't need to squeeze it as much. I go back in two weeks for the first cleaning. My nervousness is still there but it doesn't make me cry like it used to do. I now tell myself that going to the dentist is just something that I do, like going to the grocery store. It is a HUGE weight off my back now that I have been evaluated and know what to do in the future. The dentist and hygenist are great and that helps a while lot. You have been a big help with your inspiring posts. I really appreciate you :)
Hi Beth F. Well done to you, it’s a massive achievement and I agree getting the first appointment out of the way is a huge relief. Sounds like you handled it all amazingly ?. All the stories have been truly inspirational to me as well and many of them set me on my path to try and get me over my fear. I’m not quite there yet but definitely on my way. Good luck with the deep cleaning.