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First dental appointment, i did it!



Junior member
Jan 12, 2023
I haven't posted on here in a while, but i honestly did not have all that much to say except for how bad my anxiety has been for the past month i've been waiting for my first ever dental appointment.. until finally, doomsday arrived. And to be completely honest with you? I am not nearly as devastated or as panicked as i thought i would be after i learned what i am going to need done. ( which is a lot, i have three very sus teeth that will probably need root canals, a few fillings, two extractions and a tartar removal which i will start this morning. Honestly did not think i would have it in me to book an appointment for a cleaning the day after my first visit, good job me. )

About the dentist, she was a very nice lady! But she was also brutally honest about the state of my mouth when she examined it which i wasn't even that upset about because i knew it was coming.. i just felt very embarassed i guess. What i didn't expect was the calm i felt afterwards, i couldn't tell if it was defeat or acceptance but all i can say is that i definitely needed that reality check. They took xrays ( very annoying, my god. I hated having those huge pieces of plastic in my mouth. ) and explained my situation in depth. The prices are high as expected but we will be able to pay it all as we go.. and my dentist told me we will go slow so that i can begin getting familiar with everything.

Also, the receptionists kept complimenting my make up which really flattered me and made me feel less disgusting about my situation. Yay!
Hey Tinella, this is lovely, give yourself a pat on your back! :jump: Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it will be very encouraging for anyone who haven't made the step yet. I hear you on the embarrassment, that's such a huge one.. and sometimes it's aboutour ability to sit with that emotion until it goes away. You've done an amazing job!

Good luck with the treatment (and allow yourself to be anxious again now and then because there are still steps ahead of you) :clover:
I did the first part of my cleaning today, and i will be getting the second part on April 18th. The hygienist was the loveliest! I told her about the state of my mouth and how and why it got to the way it is now and she was so understanding! She even told me it wasn't as bad as i thought and while i do need a lot of work done, it is absolutely fixable. She explained how to correctly use an electric toothbrush before she began with the cleaning, and i have to say it was nothing at all and perfectly manageable, not stressful at all or painful except a few parts where she had to dig a little bit harder to get all that nasty tartar that had built up over the years ( but even that wasn't painful, mostly uncomfortable. )

The worst part was when i had to rinse and i could feel all the bits and pieces of crap in my mouth, SO GLAD I GOT RID OF IT!
She praised me for a good job once we were done, prescribed me a mouth wash and toothpaste that i will use until my next appointment, and sent me on my way. Easy peasy.
That’s awesome to hear! I’m so glad you felt comfortable, it’s makes the world of difference.

And I hear you on the embarrassment part. I was so dang embarrassed and it’s what kept me from going to the dentist for so long. I’m glad there are so many more compassionate/understanding dental offices out there now.