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First dental appointment in 11 years



Junior member
Apr 13, 2018
Hey guys!
I read a bunch of forums and decided to register. I have had a toothache and bad sensitivity to cold for almost 3 weeks. Kept putting it off thinking it would get better on its own. It didn't. So today I took a huge step and made an appointment. I'm scared if what they're going to tell me. I havent been to the dentist since I was 17 (almost 28 now). And my last visit was terrible. My dentist barely numbed my teeth and the fillings were excruciating. I'm also concerned with cost. I don't currently have any insurance which is another reason I have put this off for so long. Just hoping for a little peace if mind before my appointment on the 17th.

Thanks in advance!
Hi and welcome kuraimoar. Congrats and well done for scheduling an appointment. :) Sorry to hear about your past experience. It's good that you have scheduled, because dental issues tend to get bigger the more one waits and then the needed treatment and the costs grow too.
It would be a good idea to tell your new dentist about your last experience. Hope he/she is kind and will know how to make you feel comfortable. Dental treatment can get expensive, but knowing what needs to be done, how much time you have for it and how much it will be is better than living in insecurity. As soon as you get your treatment plan you can start to look for options to deal with it. Chances are still that the needed treatment won't be as bad as you thought.

All the best wishes and keep us posted. Will keep my fingers crossed for you on 17th.:clover:

I 2nd Enarete, you have made a huge step in coming here to the forum and making an appt.. this is huge.. its so easy to just stay frozen and not able to move ahead.. especially after having bad experience , i also had these previously so I know... so great job! I ditched the dentist for years myself too but now they have so many ways to make your work painfree and comfortable and I barely feel the shots or any work as I'm super blessed now to have a dentist that is very sensitive to my discomfrot levels and reads body language well and is always checking in with me. I really hope you find somewhere similiar so you can get your work done in a comfortable way!! let us know how it goes!