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First Dental Appt Today in 15+ years....



Junior member
May 24, 2013
Between being terrified of dental procedures and broke as a bad joke, I haven't been in the dentist since I had my braces off in the mid90s. I'm 32 years old, now. Went my whole twenties without so much as a checkup. The whole process was surreal, it was like I was in the future. What are all these new-fangled technologies that allow me to see just HOW bad my teeth have become in the past several years. GROSS. Crowns made in office! WHHAAAT!!

I thought that one tooth was one of my old silver filling, but it was actually a decaying tooth with a huge cavity. ALL my cavities were 3 surface. I was so embarrassed.

I actually went in today because my upper left back molar is bothering me. Before I left, I learned I have 6 cavities, need a crown constructed to increase the size of my back molar and I need my bottom wisdom teeth removed.

I guess the good news is my gums were mostly 1,2,3s. 4s on my back molars, but hygienist said that she could pull them back to good.

But I've only just begun. I go in tomorrow for my first procedure. Two CEREC 3 surface onlays. I am terrified. Do they still do the laughing gas thing? I remember that helping at least decrease the anxiety. What about the drill? Or do they have some fancy pants laser they use these days? Please let them have a frickin' laser.

Hello chellepeppe
At least you got to the dentist for a checkup which is a great start! My daughter goes to a dentist who has a laser but it is really for shallow cavities that don't need much drilling..But my daughter thought it was uncomfortable so asked for novacaine.. I went and had two silver fillings replaced on Wednesday and he used drills but it wasn't so bad..Really..And I'm a VERY anxious person who always is waiting for the worst! Maybe call the dentist before your appointment and ask for some oral sedation pills that you can take before your visit. You would need to have a driver to take you home though.Yes, most dentist still use nitrous...Things have gotten a lot better in recent years and I think dentists have improved their skills also..I never feel my injections and my dentist pulled my tooth without me feeling any pain...

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